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Let her 12-year-old daughter be raped and give birth, this mother is arrested by the police

TULSA, KOMPAS.com – A mother who allowed her 12-year-old daughter to be raped and then gave birth, was arrested by police in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States (US), on Thursday (29/7/2021).

The mother named Desiree Castaneda even invited the alleged rapist to the event baby shower his grandson.

Tulsa police said Castaneda and other family members actually knew about the victim’s relationship with Juan Miranda-Jara (24).

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Miranda-Jara herself was arrested on July 14 while accompanying the victim to give birth at the hospital.

TULSA POLICE DEPARTMENT via New York Post Desiree Castaneda from Oklahoma, United States (US), who was arrested by police after her 12-year-old daughter gave birth.

“At that time, we received a lot of questions like, ‘Where are his parents?'” the Tulsa Police Department said New York Post, Thursday (29/7/2021).

“The family allowed the relationship, and there is a photo of the family having a baby shower for victims and suspects.

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Castaneda was later charged with condoning rape and child sex neglect.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father is behind bars with a 12-year prison sentence for a different case, police said.

For Miranda-Jara, she was charged with first degree rape of a minor.

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When questioned by police, he admitted to being the father of the unborn child, and did not understand why the police were handling this case, reports FOX23.

“They came in like any other couple; excited to give birth to their newborn child,” police officer Danny Bean told the local station.

Miranda-Jara also allegedly posted he was in a relationship with the girl on his Facebook profile, continued FOX23.

Photo of Miranda-Jara and the victim in baby shower also posted to his page.

“We don’t get cases like this every day,” Bean told the television station.

“This is of course a shock to everyone involved.”

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