Let's readKids: textbooks for aspiring cinephiles

Here comes Cannes, its red carpets and its spotlight … The opportunity to introduce the brats to the beauty of the seventh art. Our selection to guide them!

  • From 3 years. For the parents.
One hundred big movies for the little ones

"To show beautiful films to one's children is a proof of love," writes Olivier Père in the preface to this precious guide for parents. We will not contradict him. No screen before three years, say the specialists, and it's good: it's about giving the taste of movies to children from three to eight years. Inescapable mingling (The beauty and the Beast Cocteau or The King and the Bird) and more unknown nuggets (Thursday, by Dino Risi), the selection was thought with a lot of greed by Lydia and Nicolas Boukhrief (director of The confession). For each film, a focus "If your children liked" refers to other films, weaving a vast network of film buffs. What to look for: "Every passing decade adds hundreds, thousands of new movies to its history. So many stories, so many images, so many faces and signs that, with the proliferation of screens and channels of diffusion, invade the world like never before. And especially the world of children, considered as consumers of choice. How then to teach the youngest to sort out all these proposals? How to help them to shape their taste and identify the images that will really enrich them? »Must have.

One hundred big movies for the little ones, Lydia and Nicolas Boukhrief, Gründ, 320p, 19.95 euros.

From 9 years old

Behind the screen

What is more emblematic of the magic of cinema than the fascinating world of special effects? Behind the screen offers a dive into the background, over a documented album rich and accurate. A series of questions allow young readers to navigate the history and issues of technology. How to create spaceships? What risks do stuntmen take? Is it possible to fly an actor? What is the technique used to animate King Kong in 1933? Everything, they will know everything about the backstage of the wonderful!

Behind the screen

Behind the screen, special effects in the cinema, Réjane Hamus-Vallée and Stéphane Kiehl, Actes Sud Junior / City of Science and Industry, 68 p., 16.50 euros.

From 11 years old

Once upon a time … The critic and essayist Jean-Michel Frodon tells here for the young audience the odyssey of a great and moving human adventure: that of the seventh art. From twenty-first century origins, it untangles the threads of a story with many faces. From the pioneers (Méliès, Edison or the giants of the dumb) to the great aesthetic trends through the stars of yesterday and today, the panorama is vast and ambitious. A rich initiation tool.

Once upon a time there was cinema

Once upon a time there was cinema Jean-Michel Frodon, Gallimard Youth.

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