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The anti-Alain Delon petition that arose on an American site at the initiative of a mysterious Margherita B. – denouncing a "Racist actor, misogynist, homophobic" which, as such, should not be rewarded with a palm of honor – is not surprising. In the post-Weinsteingate and #MeToo context, and with the rise of identity politics, the shady figure of the old wicked macho, friend of Jean-Marie Le Pen ("For fifty years"), confessing having slapped women and finding homosexuality "Unnatural" ("quit to be an old con") was likely to react. Thierry Frémaux, questioned on the subject, had a nice game to retort that it was not a question of handing the Nobel Peace Prize to the 83-year-old star just in time strawberries: "Obviously, the Cannes Film Festival condemns, but does not condemn freedom of expression." Delon still has some masterpieces well hung on the back of his eventful biography (child divorce, CAP butcher, jail, Indochina war, etc ..) It will be recalled that it goes to the beginning by the Parisian underworld of the fifties in the close company of the gigolos of the boulevard Saint-Germain. The best of his filmography (Cheetah from Visconti, Eclipse Antonioni, the Samurai from Melville, Mr Klein from Losey, the teacher from Zurlini …) radically contradicts the reaction thickness of the character that Delon – who took himself for a kind of equivalent of Eastwood in France – troweled from the 80s. "What are you doing here ? – I am pitiful !" already made him say a cruel Godard in his New wave in 1990, seizing the actor in the stupidity of his aura destroyed. The uproar against him, backed by 18,000 signatories, is not absurd, but he was immediately snapped up and digested by a well-established inflammatory mechanism in which everyone plays a role written in advance, self-fueling a polarized show. where the spirit of seriousness has replaced the shaving foam pies in the figure.

Didier Péron

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