Lexus unveils the LC 500h «Matte Prototype»

Lexus unveiled the LC 500h "Matte Prototype" in the first place. A new prototype of the flagship coupe of the brand. The creation is another example of the brand's effort to keep innovating, this time using special colors with original textures.

The prototype sports a spectacular matte color called "Space orange" (Orange Space), which is inspired by the orange tones that can be seen when looking towards the Sun in clear sunsets.

The spectacular color, with a matte finish, allows the LC 500h to project a powerful personality, which is further enhanced by the contrast that is produced by the striking 21-inch semi-matt black wheels. Another characteristic of the more special exterior is the roof and the active rear spoiler made of carbon fiber.

The use of the color "Space Orange" continues inside the passenger compartment, where it has been used as a contrast in the instrument panel, the steering wheel and the sides of the doors.

The prototype incorporates the revolutionary auto-rechargeable multi-stage hybrid system from Lexus, making it unique in its segment. Lexus's renowned auto-rechargeable hybrid technology allows the LC 500h to recharge while traveling, without requiring cables or plugs. Its motorization stands out for its efficiency, reduced consumption, low noise and softness. . (tagsToTranslate) lexus (t) unveils (t) scoop (t) 500h (t) matte

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