LG shows teaser for smartphone with slide-out mechanism – Tablets and phones – News

LG showed a teaser for a smartphone with a slide-out mechanism on Monday at the announcement of its Wing smartphone. Except for a dark picture of the sliding device, the manufacturer has not announced anything about the presumably upcoming model.

The teaser shows the shape of a smartphone being extended, as happened years ago with the BlackBerry Priv and the Torch series. In addition, a keyboard emerged from under the screen. It is more obvious with LG that it concerns a second screen, because the manufacturer seems to focus on that.

For example, more expensive models from LG have had an accessory to add a second screen for a year and a half, while the Wing presented on Monday has a second screen that comes out of the housing tilted.

Of Wing is the first model from LG’s new Explorer program to experiment with the shape of smartphones. The model with the extension mechanism is probably the next model. LG has not provided any further explanation about the teaser.

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