Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Liam Gallagher reveals the Oasis Twitter plea to his Noel brother who did not work: “I’ll take this as a NO”

All hope is lost.

Liam Gallagher seemed to confirm his plea for an Oasis meeting was unsuccessful.

Liam reached out to his brother Noel to gather the group, telling him to stop "f ****** about" – But he did not look d & # 39; listen.

On Thursday he tweeted: "Earth to noel listen rkid I hear you're doing concerts where people can not drink alcohol now it's the BeZarist thing that you did I forgive now, we put the BIG O back together and stop saying that the drinks are on me LG x. "

Liam Gallagher says that his" bags are packed " for an Oasis meeting

He later added: "Cmon."

But he updated fans on Friday, revealing that he was greeted with silence. "I'll take this as a NO then," he tweeted. "As you were LG x."

After a fan suggested that Liam was only holding out at a meeting for financial benefits, he replied, "I would do it for the moment, it's not a matter of d & # 39; 39; money. " 19659009] Fans begged Liam to try again, while a disappointed Sara Cox tweeted: "Ah balls."

The brothers quarrel since the Oasis separated in 2009, Liam often calling Noel as a potato and Christmas making Liam a village. idiot "

Liam said last year that his brother was worse than North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

When asked who he thought deserved to be crowned "naughty of the year" at the NME Awards, he said, "I have to to be Christmas. I'm serious. You laugh, but it's worse than Kim-Jun or ****** Tung or whatever else.

"And he's worse than Donald Trump, he's the biggest liar and the biggest impostor in the industry, so yes, him."

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