Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Liam Gallagher takes his children to visit a psychic during a getaway in Los Angeles

The man who asked "What is the story of morning glory?" Finally got answers … from a psychic.

Liam Gallagher went to a middle during a phantasmagorical break before Halloween with his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther.

They were joined in Los Angeles by his sons Gene, 18, and Lennon, 17, and his daughter Molly Moorish, 19, who saw Liam read.

The mystic was part of a series of celebrations in their posh villa, including a group of traditional Mexican mariachi.

My source says, "Liam wanted to have a fun family vacation and did everything he could.

Liam with Gene in February 2018

"At every street corner in LA, there are mediums, so they brought one to the house. She gave a reading to everyone and came with phantasmagorical revelations.

"They had a mariachi band and did treks in the Hollywood Hills – they all said it was the best vacation of their lives."

Liam, 46, spends quality time with his three children since he's found Molly, 19, earlier this year.

His similar son, Gene, announced this week that he was forming a new group, Grimmo, with sources claiming that he had written some of the best songs.

If it's half as bad as his father's debut, he'll be a winner.

Liam is definitely in touch with his phantasmagorical side

This is the best year for Liam, whose album As You Were was a great success, surpassing the third album of his brother Noel, Who Built The Moon?

Tuesday night, Noel launched the new book Noel Gallagher, the big bird that flies – Any road will take us there after staying until 5 am to drink.

Maybe the psychic predicts that Oasis would recover in 2019? Oh, continue.

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