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Lian Li’s Q58 series is designed to combine the advantages of glass and mesh

With the Q58 series, Lian Li is launching new mini-ITX cases. These compact models should be versatile and elegant at the same time. The division of the side parts into a glass and a mesh half is particularly eye-catching. So the user should have the advantages of both – and also be able to decide how to combine the halves.

The Q58 series has been in development for a long time. We last reported on it during Lian Li 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0. But now the new Mini-ITX cases are actually coming onto the market. It is offered in different versions: On the one hand there is the Q58 in black and in white and on the other hand with either a PCIe 3.0 or PCIE 4.0 riser cable. In addition, Lian Li also wants to offer coordinated accessories.

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The Mini-ITX housings are made from steel and aluminum by Lian Li. In the black versions, the front shows up with a brushed and a sandblasted half. That goes well with the two-part side panels. The glass halves allow a view of the hardware, the mesh halves, on the other hand, should be used for cooling. The halves can be opened up and down and used flexibly. Lian Li will also offer additional mesh halves separately for even better airflow. The I / O panel sits in the front and provides USB 3.1 Type C, USB 3.0 and a four-pin 3.5 mm jack socket each.

The scope of delivery includes two mainboard trays. They can be used to adapt the division of the housing to fans, radiators, drives and power supplies. With both the SFX (-L) power supply and the ATX power supply, there is space for a 6.7 cm high processor cooler and a triple-slot graphics card up to 32.5 cm long. In SFX mode, two 120/140 mm lid fan slots and one 120 mm floor fan slot can be used. In ATX mode, one of the two lid fan positions is omitted. If you want to use a dual radiator (240 or 280 mm), you have to rely on the SFX mode. In ATX mode, a maximum of two 120 mm radiators can be mounted under the cover or on the floor. The use of a 3.5-inch hard drive (or up to four 2.5-inch drives) also requires the SFX mode. In ATX mode, however, there is space for a maximum of two 2.5-inch drives.

Although the Q58 is delivered without a fan, an RGB and fan hub with three connections each for PWM fans and A-RGB elements is pre-assembled. Two magnetic dust filters are supposed to keep the Q58 clean. With dimensions of 170 x 250 x 342 mm (W x H x D), the Q58 has a volume of 14.5 liters.

The Lian Li Q58 can already be pre-ordered at Caseking. Deliveries are scheduled to start on September 24th. The black Q58X3 with PCIe 3.0 riser cable costs 119.90 euros and the black Q58X4 with PCIe 4.0 riser cable 149.90 euros. The two white color variants Q58W3 and Q58W4 each cost 10 euros extra. The additional mesh side panels for 19.90 euros and LED strip kits for 19.90 euros will be available as accessories towards the end of October (each in black or white).

Prices and availability
Lian Li Q58 black, PCIe 3.0 Edition, glass window, Mini-ITX
Not available 119,90 Euro

From EUR 119.90

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Lian Li Q58 black, PCIe 3.0 Edition, glass window, Mini-ITX
Out of Stock 119,90 EUR


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