Lidl offers a dual Silvercrest wireless charger at a great price

After a long time, we bring one again an interesting tip on electronics available in our market. Once again, the Lidl chain has performed, which continues to attract customers to successful Silvercrest devices. If you have already had the opportunity to use the products of this brand, you will probably agree with us that it is extremely high quality. Now the chain hit again nicely in the segment of mobile devices and wearable electronics. In the offer of the Lidl store discovered cheap wireless dual Qi charger Silvercrest.

By “cheap” we mean price 399 CZK, which is basically an unrivaled offer in our market. In terms of performance it offers on each “plate” 10 W. It has the Qi standard, which it guarantees quality and safe energy transfer. Although this inexpensive Lidl Silvercrest wireless charger is dual, it has quite compact dimensions. Only 80 x 85 x 10 millimeters. As you can see in the picture, it also has a decent design. And either in a combination of black / silver or black / copper.

How many wireless devices do you have at home?

Source. Lidl shop

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