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Lidl will open 14 stores in Latvia

In the first round, six Lidl stores will be opened in Riga and one each in Jelgava, Valmiera, Tukums, Jēkabpils, Ogre, Liepāja, Ventspils and Rēzekne. “Currently, we will still refrain from naming a specific store opening date, but we will definitely inform about it,” Ingars Rudzītis, Public Relations Manager of Lidl Latvija, promised the Independent.

Lidl announced its plans to open stores in Latvia two years ago – in the spring of 2018. However, talk about the possible entry of this chain of stores went wrong in the past, because companies related to Lidl already in 2017 started buying up land plots and coordinating plans with local construction boards. In the autumn of 2018, Lidl started construction of a logistics center in Dreiliņi, which was planned to be put into operation at the beginning of 2020, along with at least 10 stores throughout Latvia. Lidl’s logistics center, which covers 51,000 square meters, was commissioned only in July this year.

Some of Lidl Latvija’s vacancies have already been filled. The company already employs top management and hires store managers, regional managers, etc. tml. Since yesterday, the hiring of store and warehouse employees has started.

“Store managers and regional managers have spent almost two years in professional training in other Lidl countries to become the most skilled in their field and to manage store teams,” explains I. Rudzitis.

Anželika Razgale, Head of the Personnel Department of Lidl Latvija, emphasizes that the remuneration system in the company is developed very fairly, because every minute worked is counted and paid for every minute. New employees will be treated in exactly the same way. According to her, Lidl employees would receive salaries that would be higher than the average offered in the industry.

Reviewing job advertisements, it can be seen that Lidl promises to pay 6 euros per hour (before taxes) to employees who will work in Lidl stores in Riga and 5.40 euros per hour (before taxes) in stores outside Riga.


The basic salary of employees of Maxima and Rimi stores, which results from job advertisements, varies between 3.40 and 5 euros per hour gross. In addition, Maxima employees receive free meals, paid for the first compulsory health examination, health insurance (after 1 year of service). Rimi also provides its employees with free meals, pays for the first compulsory health examination, provides health insurance after 1 year, salary increase after the probationary period and discounts for purchases in Rimi stores.

Lidl does not promise free meals. However, it insures against accidents from day one. “Also, all employees will receive a health insurance policy after the end of the 3-month probationary period. All employees will receive professional training, during which they will receive a full salary. It will be possible to choose full-time or part-time working hours. Of course, employees will have a modern work environment and well-equipped recreation rooms, ”explained I. Rudzītis.

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