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Lieser Castle and historicism

Dhe is a fairytale castle story. The following appear: real emperors, kings and princesses, a fairytale rich savior in extreme need, plus all sorts of rags, and the story goes like this:

Jakob Strobel y Serra

Once upon a time there was a large industrialist, his name was Eduard Puricelli and he was as rich as King Croesus. At the end of the nineteenth century, he had a huge historicist-style castle built on the banks of the Moselle in the wine-growing village of Lieser and passed it on to his daughter Maria’s deathbed. She married the Prussian civil servant Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer-Lieser, who was a close friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II and was also closely related to the Dutch high aristocracy, so that the castle became a center of social and political life in the imperial era. Wilhelm II alone was visited three times, the later Dutch Queen Juliane played in the palace garden as a child, Prince Bernhard is said to have proposed marriage to her here, and when the fallen emperor had to flee Germany, Baron Schorlemer arranged his exile in Holland.

love at first sight

One day, however, only a stone-aged baroness, the last of her sex, lived with the gardener and housekeeper in the castle, which fell into ruin. The community of Lieser bought it in 1981 and was desperately looking for a useful use. A hotel was under discussion, also a senior residence, dubious investors auditioned, promised a lot and did nothing. For many years, Lieser Castle stood empty as a sad reflection of its former splendor and threatened to end up as a ghost castle. But then came the Dutch financial investor Piet Killaars, who met Lieser at wine tastings and fell head over heels in love with the castle. He bought it in 2007 for 1.2 million euros, put 20 times more effort into the restoration with more heart and soul than reason, wanted to run a hotel himself, but quickly realized that he needed professional partners. So he came to an agreement with the Autograph Collection, which works closely with the American hotel group Marriott and runs many different, always unique hotels, such as a converted church in the Dutch city of Breda. And so the story came to a good end in August of last year when Lieser Castle rose from the ruins in the form of a luxurious hotel.

Arch capitalists also need divine support: the private chapel of Lieser Castle.

Now, with its lordly syncretism of Palladian, neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau, it once again outshines the village of Lieser as the most colossal building, built from Moselle slate and colored sandstone, peppered with bay windows, towers and gables, a fairytale castle on the Moselle beach. Every cyclist, every motorcyclist, every walker stops on the promenade in front of this emblem of imperial splendor, behind which the vineyards rise steeply into the sky, and can hardly get his mouth shut.

Monumental vases with peacock feathers

Historism continues on the inside even more radically than on the outside. The original appearance of the castle has been restored in great detail, so that guests can feel like emperors, princes and barons in one – which is particularly intoxicating and delighting the many tourists from America and Asia. The floor is optionally covered with mosaics, marble, Persian carpets or creaking floorboards. The furniture consists of chests of drawers with precious inlays, tiled stoves with mannerist decor, wardrobes with crunching doors. The walls are adorned with family portraits in oil, bucolic landscapes in pastel, paintings with the sights along the Moselle from the Porta Nigra to Eltz Castle to Cochem and a monumental painting by Baron Schorlemer at a papal audience in the Vatican. There is a library with German classics, a private chapel with cross vaults, a hunting room with a trophy collection, salons with coffered ceilings, monumental vases with peacock feathers, wooden shutters with cables, fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and leaded glass windows with portraits of saints and pious sayings of this kind: “God stays with his angelic power / in this house day and night. “In short: It is a single high in the splendor of the early days.


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