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Lietkabelis may be left homeless: playing in Žalgiris Arena, Pasvalys or Kėdainiai / News

Panevėžys “Lietkabelis” may be left without its real home in the coming season. According to BasketNews, Panevėžys residents are being pushed behind the door of Cido Arena. If a compromise cannot be reached, Lietkabelis may have to close the Žalgiris arena in Kaunas, as well as in Pasvalys or Kėdainiai.

According to BasketNews, at the end of the concession agreement between Panevėžys City Municipality and Cido Arena, Lietkabelis received significantly increased rental rates from the managers of the arena. Sources say that Cido asked Lietkabelio for the rent of the arena about 300 thousand. euros per season.

By comparison, that amount would make up about a quarter of the club’s budget for the upcoming season. Previously, Lietkabelis shared the income from basketball events with Cido Arena according to the agreement.

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Lietkabelis is exploring opportunities to move to other arenas. BasketNews sources state that Panevėžys residents are thinking of playing the European Cup matches in the “Žalgiris” arena. According to the website, the organizers of the European Cup would not oppose such a move.

Meanwhile, the meetings of Lietkabelis LKL house would take place in other cities. According to BasketNews, Panevėžys residents are looking at Kėdainiai and Pasvalys arenas. The Cido Arena is 115 km from Žalgiris, about an hour and a half away by car. Kėdainiai Arena is 61 km away from Cido (almost an hour away), and Pieno Žvaigždės is 41 km away (about 40 minutes away).

True, this move should still be blessed by LKL. According to the regulations of the league, “the club must play the LKL Championship home match in the arena located in the city where the main sports and administrative activities of this club are performed and where, according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the club legal entity is registered. Exceptions to this clause may only be applied to individual matches with the permission of the LKL Competition Director. ”

LKL has not officially received Lietkabelis’ request regarding the possibility to organize home matches in another city. But if such a request were received, it would need the approval of the LKL Board in the vote.

Two factors can save the “Raincoat” pressed into a corner.

According to BasketNews, Lietkabelis will once again sit with the managers of Cido Arena at the negotiating table this week regarding more favorable lease conditions. Theoretically, Panevėžys Club could still be saved by Panevėžys City Municipality if it were extended for at least another year until 2022. July 1 existing concession contract.

The Aukštaitija capital club planned to play at least about 15 LKL and 9 European Cup matches in Panevėžys in the coming season.

Currently, Lietkabelis is preparing for the season at Panevėžys Aukštaitija Sports Palace, which do not meet the requirements of LKL. If no agreement can be reached with Cido, next season this palace would become the training base of Lietkabelis.

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