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Zidane, during the match against Mallorca.
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Many months ago thatZidaneHe has fascinated me with his football ideas. But every day it surprises me even more. His ability to hypnotize me perplexes me.

To start, the alignment in Mallorca. Throw toJoviclike an unexploded torpedo in the bow of the team.James, you don't know what.Isco, of inoperative half hindrance. A friend was telling me, parodyingSupergarcia, that Isco plays with piglet trot. Then the infamousMilitao, who only knows how to recular when the opponent carries the ball. Not to mentionCourtois: Which team do you play with? They scored two goals, of the only two shots on goal from Mallorca. Luckily for the white team that the second was not worth it.

I can't forget the darlingVinicius, the phenomenon ofpiperos, that before an opposing defense seems to leave as Forrest Gump, that if he leaves the field and continues running as the ineffableTom Hanks.

Add a team without any tactical assessment worth mentioning. That he does not know how to press, that when they attack him they watch how they attack and in defensive mode it is the exhaustingturtle parade, propitiated by his irremediable Zidane.

The intelligent will say that Madrid has not only lost the impassibility, the unbeatable, but also the leadership.Peccadillocompared to cod pil pil that has the team in the head. He saidSay Stefanothat the players are like marvelous maroons, that if the coach who rides them doesn't know how to take them, they throw him almostipso facto. Madrid players have long been pulling the mediocre Zidane from the saddle.

I was told by a very serious Real Madrid player, which seems very serious to me, who prefers that Madrid has lost in Mallorca and that Istanbul is the Ottoman tomb of Zidane, in the city where the famous painting of theTurtle Tamerof the painterOsman Hamdi Bey. Great picture of how turtles are slow even to eat lettuce scattered on the ground. He prefers that Zidane goes to the street before Madrid becomes the glass zoo, which rains all kinds of expletives.

Of course I'm going to talk about Mallorca. It would be more. It was a team that knew how to play Madrid's slowness. He always attacked intelligently, even if only splendidly in the first 20 minutes. In addition, it fits in solidarity with a defensive system more than enough to end the technical superiority of a leader who almost always seemed like a team of the half table.

People say thatPochettinoSubtract playing Russian roulette and seems more out than inside Tottenham. It would seem to me another mistake ofFlorentinesign him as a substitute for an almost sentenced Zidane. In any case, when the nerves enter theto be better,Butragueñodixit. Although I just want to remember that 13 years ago Florentino threw in the towel and resigned. Zidane was in the field.

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