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Light rains and isolated showers for this Sunday

For this Sunday, during the morning, in most of the territory, the sky is expected to be between little and partly cloudy, light rains are expected in some areas of El Salvador, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources said in its report.

Then, a little cloudiness is expected in the eastern zone and central-eastern coast, which will leave some light rains and isolated showers, moving offshore. By the end of the morning or early afternoon, some occasional rains are expected in the vicinity of the volcanic strip.

During the course of the afternoon, an increase in cloudiness is expected, mainly in high areas of the center-west, north and surroundings, with scattered showers and storms.

During the night, it is possible that cloudiness will continue in the northern area, and a medium to low probability of rain formation is estimated in the northeast and central areas. In the early hours of Monday, a low probability of showers is estimated to the east and the vicinity of the Gulf of Fonseca.

The wind will be from the northeast in the morning and at night, and from noon the entrance of the sea breeze from the south-southwest, from 5 to 15 kilometers per hour (km/h) in all periods.

In addition, the air temperature will maintain a very warm, widespread environment, experiencing an oppressive hot environment in the valleys of the northern, paracentral and eastern areas; cooling at night and early morning.

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