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Ligue 1 and coronavirus: “We will adapt to end the season”, announces Noël Le Graët

Less than twenty-four hours after having suspended his competitions following the coronavirus epidemic, Noël Le Graët was in a serious mood to evoke the end of the 2019-2020 season threatened with congestion. Pending future announcements from the health authorities, the president of the French federation does not decide on a date for the resumption of the championships but he wants the competitions to go to their end.

What is your feeling after the end of the football championships?

CHRISTMAS LE GRAËT. Football is united. The enemy is the virus, not the money. It is important that French football, which has 2.2 million licensees, lead by example. If government measures were not followed, we would be guilty. The only solution is to wait for it to pass.

The two friendly matches of the French team against Ukraine (Friday March 27) and Finland (Tuesday March 31) will therefore be canceled…

It’s possible! UEFA makes decisions for its national teams. I imagine that the friendly matches of the France team will be suppressed or postponed. So there will be no Blues rally in Clairefontaine. We have to wait until Tuesday because UEFA will meet to make important decisions…

Is the postponement of the Euro inevitable?

There are indeed certain countries which are in great difficulty and which do not wish for Euro and others which want to maintain it. We will know more Tuesday. I have an opinion but I keep it for UEFA.

Like the final of the Coupe de la Ligue, will the final of the Coupe de France be postponed?

It is scheduled for April 25. Until then, will we be able to replay? I do not know. If the date remains possible, the final will be disputed otherwise a postponement will be applied. I hope the stop will last as short a time as possible.

Is there a deadline for the resumption of the championships?

Giving recovery dates today would not be prudent. Today, the goal is to defeat the virus! No playing football. Then we’ll have our whole lives to play soccer again. Dates don’t matter much. If we play again at the end of September, it will be complicated, however we can play in May, June or July. But who can say today that we are going to replay April 13, April 22 or May 3? Person ! When the virus has less effect, we can make a decision.

So could we finish the championships in mid-July, or even at the end of July?

Everything is possible ! It’s harder to beat the virus than finding a date for soccer. We must not change the debate. Does not matter to me. I repeat, as soon as the virus is less powerful we will replay football.

But some players’ contracts end on June 30 …

We will find a solution. It has no importance.

Could the resumption of the 2020-2021 season, scheduled for August 8, be delayed?

We will find the suitable dates to finish the championships when the epidemic is less strong.

Do you plan to release a fund for amateur clubs?

All of these things will be studied later.

There is no regulation planned if the championships do not come to an end…

We will adapt to finish the 2019-2020 season.

Can the Tokyo Olympics take place?

The Olympics take place later (Editor’s note: from July 24 to August 9). I can’t speak to this.

If the Euro is postponed, could Kylian Mbappé compete in the Olympics?

The presence of Kylian or not at the Olympics is not my concern currently.

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