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Ligue 1: Bruno Fievet confides his ambitions to “redeem the Girondins de Bordeaux”

A longtime friend of Marius Trésor, the financier and business manager Bruno Fievet, born in Amiens fifty years ago, has been in love with the Girondins since his childhood. The businessman is now working to buy his heart club.

What do you think of the situation of the club?

BRUNO FIEVET. I’m mad. The sports record is average and having thirty-eight commercials for a stadium filled to 53%, while the year when M 6 sells, the rate was 65%, it is heresy. If you live in the middle of the table, it won’t bring people. There is a divide between supporters and the club, but also between former players and the club, as well as between employees and management.

Are you worried ?

Yes because I still haven’t understood the project. We were told about trading, very good. But with the transfers from Koundé (Seville FC) and Tchouaméni (Monaco), we no longer have quality players to sell. In addition, during the sale, there was a loan of 40 million euros over four years at almost 10% (Editor’s note: 9.25), or sixteen million in addition to the loan to be repaid in 2022. Who will cover this debt? A lover of the club will want to do it. Is King Street is? I am not sure. Its long-term implication is not settled. And in my opinion, in July 2021, one year from paying down the debt, they will want to leave.

You are interested ?

My ambition is to buy out the Girondins. This is my dream. I work for everyday, with my partner. We contact people, we try to get money. The Girondins know my intention. But it does not seem appropriate to make a letter of intent until we have had a real discussion on their will and the price they hope to get.

Do you have the money?

We haven’t collected the money yet. To make the club viable, it will take between 120 and 150 million euros. There is the buyout, the debt and the contracts in progress, with wages never known here. It will be necessary to return to an acceptable payroll of players and administrative staff. Indeed, TV rights will not be as fantastic as that, except for the big ones like Paris, Marseille or Lyon. Bordeaux is not invited to this table.

What do you say to potential investors to convince them?

They are essentially foreign. We don’t lie to them, we don’t tell them they’re going to make money from football. But there are a lot of things to do in Bordeaux. We are working on a global project with real estate, wine, Big Data, ecology. It will be through a single fund that will include the Girondins, so that our investors do not lose out on everything. I believe in my project and the 7000 lovers of the club, who sent me messages and who want to see me at the presidency of the club, too.

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