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Liguria, highways: closure averted. But because the region is in chaos

It could be less dramatic than those that preceded it next weekend for traffic in Liguria: Ministry of Infrastructures and Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi) reached an agreement capable of avoiding the closure of the A26 (the one coming from the North and which currently pours a large amount of traffic on the Riviera). Initially the total closure of this artery was planned in the stretch between Masone and Genoa, which would have made it very difficult to reach Liguria for Lombard and Piedmontese tourists. Ministry and Aspi are also attempting to reprogram the calendar of checks on tunnel safety, so as to avoid “funnels” to traffic in the tourist season.

The new calendar

The agreement between Autostrade and the Ministry provides for faster checks on the state of safety of the tunnels, also through non-invasive techniques, no closure of the A26 and first openings starting from 3 July. The parties met on Sunday to optimize the mitigation actions of the road traffic problems caused by the checks underway in Liguria. Aspi has confirmed its commitment to complete the verification activities that concern a total of 147 tunnels by 10 July. At the same time, indirect instrumental checks will be carried out for non-inspected tunnels, which will enable knowledge of the safety status to be acquired, guaranteeing the transit of vehicular traffic. Furthermore, this method of investigation will not make it necessary to close the A26 motorway, which will only be interrupted at night.

Ponte Morandi and Covid: the “perfect storm”

Liguria has fallen victim to a sort of “perfect storm”: that’s why moving to holiday resorts in June turned into a nightmare. Following the tragedy of the Morandi bridge, a series of checks had been requested on the tightness of tunnels and viaducts along the A10 and A12, the two arteries that run along the Riviera di Levante and that of the Ponente. Autostrade had carried them out but with a method which, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure, had not met the necessary engineering requirements. It was therefore necessary to repeat the checks but at this point the lockdown paralyzed all the construction activities for weeks, making the checks slip in the middle of summer and making traveling in Liguria an odyssey. Aspi feared having to close entire motorway sections to meet ministerial requests, the Region and the Ligurian economic categories threatened requests for damages or asked for compensation.

Another day of chaos

The discomforts, however, also reappeared today, Monday, on the entire regional network: queues were formed on the A7 in Genoa this morning due to the late reopening of the closed lanes for a night construction site. Five kilometers of tail have been reported in the Arenzano area, bottling between nerves and Rapallo and again between Bolzaneto and Busalla, this time in the direction of Milan.

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