Lily Collins: “I can be a feminist AND prepare for my marriage”

The star of “Emily in Paris” is getting married soon. But that does not undermine his convictions. She confided in the magazine “Byrdie”.

Lily Collins, at the 2019 Met Gala.


Lily Collins refuses to let her status as a future wife influence her position as a committed feminist. The “Emily in Paris” star, who announced her engagement to filmmaker Charlie McDowell in September, says getting married doesn’t change her fight for female emancipation.

“Honestly, I am so excited to be a wife. I don’t think that in any way it can interfere with being a feminist or not. For me it’s more like I can’t wait to be with this person, and now we have to plan something that will last the rest of our lives ”, she told the magazine “Byrdie”.

Previous abusive relationship

The actress is delighted to have turned the page, after having faced challenges related to an eating disorder and an abusive relationship. “I think, because I’m so introspective and thoughtful, I’ve had a tendency in the past to keep everything to myself,” she said. Before adding: “I was in a bad relationship where I felt silenced by this person. And I was not encouraged to be heard or to use my voice more ”. His lack of confidence hurt him a lot.

Lily Collins confesses that these problems almost resurfaced during the containment due to Covid-19. “You are sitting, lost in your thoughts, and you say to yourself, ‘What am I doing? Who are these people in my brain? ” We have the impression that everything is slipping away from us. How can I stay sane, stable and centered without going back to my old ways? ”She says.

Currently, the daughter of musician Phil Collins is at the party: her series “Emily in Paris” on Netflix is ​​a great success and will be renewed for a second season.

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