Lima: Congress approved a law that extends terms for the titling of land or

The Plenary of the Congress of the Republic , on Monday, September 14, 2020, a law that extends the terms of titling of land occupied by informal possessions and dictated measures for its formalization.

Through a statement published on its website, the detailed that the rule was the result of the accumulation of ten bills. The opinion obtained in the first vote 109 votes in favor and 11 abstentions.

Next, Congressman Juan Oyola Rodríguez (AP), president of the Housing Commission and who supported the project in question, requested the exoneration of the second vote, which was approved by 104 votes in favor, 11 abstentions, and 5 against.

Congress assured that the formalization of informal urban areas will allow a series of benefits to citizens, since they will be able to exercise their right to decent housing with legal physical sanitation services, for the regularization of their properties and the main land occupied by populations.

In addition, he assured that the norm also foresees processes for the survey of land and buildings cadastral information, the technical support of self-constructive development and progressive construction, which includes the succession of reinforcement of housing buildings, as well as the provision of services basic water, sewerage, electrification and gas. Similarly, it indicates the extension of the formalization deadlines.

Other issues discussed are related to the issues of expropriation of land, of the beneficiaries, adjudication, formalization processes, as well as the case of abandoned housing lots within informal possessions and lots of informal property.

The legislator Juan Oyola Rodríguez supported the project in question, pointing out the importance of this bill, which will allow solving the problems of millions of Peruvians who require their property titles.


For her part, the former legislator Marisa Glave rejected said law and assured that “what is done is to formalize precariousness while denying the right to decent housing and the city, so we will continue to have overcrowded, poorly located homes in neighborhoods. with service problems and high risk ”.

For its part, the Red de Lomas del Peru warned, through social networks, that the rule “puts our hills in danger due to the advance of land traffic.”


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