Lima: National Police would have identified the subject who shot from his car

The reported that the subject who shot from his vehicle on Javier Prado Avenue, in the district of , as reported by the América Noticias news program.

Gianpierre Galarza Matos It would be the man who fired the shots and posted it on social media. The video shows him firing two rounds of ammunition while being encouraged by women.

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PNP General Jorge Luis Cayas, chief of the Lima Police region, reported that the Police formed a special team to investigate this case. It indicated that the preliminary imprisonment of this subject would be requested for endangering people’s lives.


They identify a man who fired shots at a car

“The hypotheses that we make must be duly supported to proceed to request the preliminary arrest because flagrante delicto has already occurred. Shooting that way is a common crime “, said the police chief.

According to the news, the National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use (Sucamec) reported that Galarza Matos has a firearm license granted in September 2017, and to date it is in force.

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However, if the authorities corroborate that it is Galarza Matos, it would proceed according to law with the cancellation of the license and the confiscation of the weapon involved, as reported by the institution through its social networks.

Sucamec indicated that among the offenses committed by the man who shoots from his car are the improper use of a firearm, as well as the commission of the crime against public safety – a common danger.

América Noticias went to the home of the alleged perpetrator of the shots according to the address indicated by the DNI, but a relative told them that the man no longer resides in that property.


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