Lina Tejeiro sent a message to those who criticize her for “rudeness”

The actress Lina Tejeiro She is a woman who has given enough to talk about among her followers and critics, especially due to the physical changes that she has presented over the years. However, There are also those who question his way of being or speaking and he sent them a message through their social networks.

Everything happened after the recent bikini photos with which Tejeiro showed off her bodySome of his followers asked him why he was wearing the bathing suit backwards, to which he replied with a laugh: “just because I feel like it.”

Faced with this response, questions arose from “very susceptible people”, as she herself called them, with whom she apologized, clarifying that it is her way of joking and “laughing.”

“There are very sensitive people around here, I apologize. They ask me why I answer like this when they ask about something (…) because I find it funny, it’s a way of laughing. I do not answer them like that seriously, because finally I explain them and give them the answer to what they are asking me“Lina Tejeiro clarified.

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Then he excused himself again to those who were upset or offended by his words: “It’s not because it’s rude, I find it funny. If I offended you, please excuse me“he added.

Finally, the 28-year-old actress from Villavice concluded this intervention by assuring that there are more people who know her and know what her sense of humor is. She said “thank you” to them.


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