Linda de Mol allows herself to be ‘converted’ into a man for a new cover

Linda is especially jealous of the men in her life, because they never have periods, have no stretch marks and can buy comfortable shoes. She had not expected that the transformation would turn out so successful. Even her own children had to look twice before they saw it was their mother.

Put on your wig, put on your beard, put on a white shirt, look tough and hoppa: I’m a guy! And quite a handsome guy actually. Maybe I suddenly suffer from male overestimation, but I consider myself a cross between David Beckham and Winston Gerschtanowitz, “said Linda.

Linda and a handful of well-known Dutch people were transformed into men for the October edition of the magazine with the theme ‘Man for a day’. Linda had previously undressed, but that was not received equally positively by everyone.

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