Linda Palma told the boyfriend to break up, because of his illness

“During the illness, I did say to him many times: ‘Diego, you don’t have to hold on, I’ll leave you and now, you continue your life in peace’“Recalled the famous, in an interview with the Caracol Televisión program.

According to his account, Linda She also told Diego — Don Tetto’s vocalist — that her parents would take care of her and that he could continue with his “normal” life.

The presenter added in the same space that, given the suggestions to end her courtship – which began in 2008 -, the singer told him that he would stay by his side because he had decided to be with her through thick and thin.

“It’s not that I’m with you right now or not because of how you are, but because I want to be with you and I don’t care what happens”, he replied, as Diego himself told ‘It says about me’.

“I chose her as she is and that is how I am going to love her,” added Diego, who always hoped that his girlfriend would recover, despite the difficulties she would have to go through.

Below you can listen to the testimonies of Diego and Linda, who also remembered how her boyfriend proposed to her:


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