Linde Schöne: ‘I gave away too much of the leadership in the past’ | NOW

Linde Schöne releases her debut album after a silence of about three years Just a little while from. The Nijmegen singer has firmly in control this time, but tells in conversation with that this has sometimes been different in the past.

Schöne released her debut EP in 2016 Love From The Floor out and followed not much later Linde Van Nimma. The singer performed at Lowlands and went on tour with Ronnie Flex and Diggy Dex. Still, she decided to take a step back in 2017.

“The success I had may have been small for the outside world, but for me it went too fast and I did not know how to deal with it at all. My relationship was intense and within the industry I encountered things that I was not good with. I became depressed and decided to quit music, “says 27-year-old Schöne.

She explains that her lack of experience meant that she wasn’t always in control of her own music. “Before that I worked more with producers, such as my ex, who mainly made hip-hop productions. At that time I didn’t know much about sounds and productions myself. I was mainly into: I write songs, make nice beats for me, tralala. I lead too far away. “

“Linde Van Nimma now feels like trying too hard for me. It was all very, very rushed. I gave away too much of myself, so I don’t like to listen to it. ”

She therefore looks back at her own work with mixed feelings. “Love From The Floor I still think it’s sick. I feel that is exactly what it should have been. Linde Van Nimma feels like to me now trying too hard. It was all very, very rushed. I gave away too much of myself, so I don’t like to listen to it. “

‘Slowly I found out who I am again’

After Schöne decided to quit music for the time being, she moved from Amsterdam back to Nijmegen and found the peace she needed there. “Slowly I found out who I am again and then the music came by itself again, but that took a while.”

In the meantime, Schöne knew more about production and was especially sure about how she wanted to sound. For the album she mainly worked with producer Vijay Kanhai from production collective Soulsearchin. “He was very helpful and produced helpful. He just looked at what the song needs, instead of wanting to put his own stamp on it.”

“For the first time I was completely in control and it really felt like my story that I stand for. I feel like I really scraped the bottom of my soul.”

‘I sang super drunk, howling vocals’

On Just a little while Schöne mainly sings about her relationship that ended. “For a long time I thought I was kind Lemonade (Beyoncé’s album where she sings about her relationship problems that didn’t end her marriage, ed.) was making and that it would eventually work out. You hear on the song Just a little while that I’m still trying to hold on to that relationship. I think it’s dope how you hear my story in real time. “

Schöne, who has also written songs for artists such as Maan and Trijntje Oosterhuis, did not shy away from leaving the sharp edges of her heartbreak on the record. “The vocals of Do not you see I actually sang super drunk, howling. We might have wanted to change two sentences, but thought: fuck it. We’re not going to be able to do this again at this level, so we kept it that way. “

The number Boys, which she wrote before the corona crisis and in which she sings that the boys will come back on their own, still helps her move forward. “It’s a shitty time to be young, artist and single. When I feel lonely, I empower myself with this song. It reminds me that I’m just dope and it will all come back.”


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