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Lindsey Graham in 2017: "Holy hell to pay" if Sessions is fired. In 2018: "When was it? What year?

Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), right, is interviewed by Fox News' Martha MacCallum on November 9. (YouTube via Fox News) Standing in the corridors of Congress, Senator Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.) swore that he was 100% behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It was July 27, 2017, and the ridiculous public of President Trump in regard to his Attorney General, who had challenged himself a few months earlier from the investigation on Russia, was became the favorite topic of Twitter for the commander-in-chief. For Trump, the sessions went from "a really good person "and" a world class legal mind "to"our beleagured A.G."The attacks were shocking for Graham, who warned that the sacking sessions as Attorney General would be the sign that the investigation of the special advocate Robert S. Mueller III on the interference of Russia in the election The 2016 presidential election could be in jeopardy, which would hurt the Trump administration and the sessions with which he sat in the Senate. "If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be a hell of hell to pay," Graham told reporters. at the time. "Any effort to take on Mueller could be the beginning of the end of Trump's presidency, unless Mueller does something wrong." Thursday night, resigning at the request from Trump, Graham was interviewed by Fox News host about Martha's comments last year, and she reproduced the excerpt from the senator's statement, now that the sessions have been removed, including will he have "a hell of hell to pay? "His answer gave him the form of two questions, creating an uncomfortable moment on television. "So, that was when ??", asked MacCallum her 2017 year "What year?" "July 2017," said MacCallum. Graham chuckled. "Things have changed," MacCallum said. The senior senator from South Carolina laughed again before explaining what was apparently a half-face. I have been saying for months that every president deserves a public prosecutor he can trust and work with, "he said in" The Story with Martha MacCallum. " Likes Jeff Sessions. I have known Jeff for a long time. I hope that he will run for his former seat in the Senate, Alabama. It is clear to me that it does not work, it was not working between the sessions of the Attorney General and President Trump. Graham then went on to substitute Sessions, Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker, who was criticized for the special advocate's investigation, and Democrats and government watchdogs urged him to withdraw from the proceedings. , who called the Acting Attorney General "a good choice," said that he was "not at all worried about Mueller's interference" now that Whitaker is in charge. "I think he'll be as fair and impartial as Eric Holder and Loretta E. Lynch," Graham said Thursday, laughing at that, perhaps because he was part of the Republicans who asked for a Investigating Lynch's treatment of Hillary Clinton's email survey. "The bottom line is that it's hysteria more than anything else," he said. "I'm here to tell you and all the others that Mr. Mueller will be allowed to f area his work. I hope the investigation will come to an end soon here. "As noted by Philip Rucker of the Washington Post and Aaron Blake, Graham's public that the Attorney General began this summer. suggested to reporters that it would be understandable to delete the sessions "as soon as possible", since the relations between the Attorney General and the President, as described by the senator in the broadcast " Today, "the NBC channel, were" irreparable "months, the president called the Ministry of Justice under" Sessions "a total joke. "That can not go on like that," Graham told reporters on August 28. The sessions remained as Trump's Attorney General, Graham, who said any replacement should promise the Senate that Mueller would be allowed to finish his investigation, added, "The idea that you need to keep Jeff Sessions as Attorney General to protect Mueller, I do not buy" Graham concludes, "I'm just saying what I think most of 39 between you cover each day: it must stop, one way or another.This is not good for the country. "Since the announcement of the Sessions crowding out Wednesday Twitter users, including former Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer from California, reminded Graham of what he said last year, and described how some people included the phrase "Saint- hell, "the video of his statements or both." In their twee ts to Graham, remember the ferocious Lindsay Graham, devoting the wrath of "hell hell" if the sessions were fired? Now he can not even muster his efforts. Let's hope that other GOP senators respect at least the Constitution. Barbara Bo xer (@BarbaraBoxer) November 8, 2018 Graham said he had a lot of confidence in Mueller, who, according to the senator, was in his "final phase of preparing his report". He added that he was considering meeting Whitaker next week. "I'm going to ask him to make sure that he's going to let Mr. Mueller do his job, and in case of interference, you'll be the first to hear about it on Fox News," he said. he told MacCallum. "I do not think that will happen. I'm not concerned about that. If I were, I would tell you. .

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