Linet: Beds for Czech hospitals take precedence over other orders

Prime Minister Babiš said that Linet had promised 3,000 beds for patients with covid and another thousand for serious cases. When will the contract be signed and when will the beds be delivered to the hospitals?

It is not entirely up to us when the contract is signed. But one thing is certain: once signed, we are able to deliver almost immediately. Although we have production contracted until the end of the year, this is a demand that we will simply prefer.

We perceive it as our duty to do so, no one else can handle such an order. And believe me, we do our best to make it as quick as possible.

Executive Director of Linet Group Tomáš Kolář

From your words, it follows that there is a huge interest in beds elsewhere. How many have you sold this year?

As I said, we have practically sold out the entire production by the end of this year. We have been facing pandemic demands since February. From April to September, we sold about 60,000 beds.

We are now actively negotiating with our customers that we need to move their orders to resolve the situation in our domestic market. It will be difficult, but we have to manage it. Of course, everyone knows that the situation in the Czech Republic is currently the worst.

Where do you supply beds the most?

Can you expand production capacity, are you hiring new employees?

We have been going full throttle for a long time. In addition, we have a lot of people either in nurses or in quarantines. We need about a hundred people, but we are constantly hiring new employees.

The prices of your beds cost up to 4000 euros, ie 109,600 CZK. Will you give the state a discount on them?

First of all, I must say that deliveries in the order of thousands of beds are nothing new to us. We also solved such tenders in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we decided to set prices according to these tenders, ie at very competitive prices. Of course, if we sold the beds to Western markets, the prices would be higher, but for us it is important to help the Czech healthcare system and the dot.

How are the beds equipped? Are you changing equipment with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, are you using new technologies?

The beds are equipped to help treat patients. That is, by electrical positioning and the like. Linet has limited production to product lines that enable effective care for covid-positive patients. We have been working for a long time so that it is not just a bed on which it just lies, but a full-fledged helper for treatment.

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