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Lion welcomed | Star News

Over $ 250,000 was awarded to local groups and causes in the last round of funding from the Ashburton Trust and Lion Foundation Regional Grants Committee.

The funds go to sports groups, schools and other community groups.

Allenton Sports Club receives $ 20,000 for the purchase of a walk-behind aerator, while Borough School receives $ 45,000 for tables, stools, televisions, ball kits and outdoor seating.

Ashburton Youth Cafe Charitable Trust earns $ 15,000 for rent, rates and insurance and Birthright received $ 28,027 for field officers’ rent, parking, and salary costs.

Mid Canterbury Netball receives $ 60,000 in center executive salaries and other costs, and Tinwald School gets $ 27,806 for iPads, cases and Chromebooks.

The Netherby School receives $ 22,950 to replace overhead projectors, which replace 10-year old technology.

School principal Phil Wheeler said that all seven classrooms, in addition to the hall and a meeting room that will be renewed soon, now had new projectors.

They offered much better connectivity and would be used for most of the lessons and for most of the school day.

He said the school is grateful for the trust funding, which in the past five years has totaled around $ 100,000 and has allowed the purchase of other technology equipment, chairs, a lawn mower and other items.

Other recipients of the last round of funding were Hampstead Rugby & Allsports Club ($ 18,377), Lions Club of Ashburton Charitable Trust ($ 3527), Phoenix Preschool ($ 6329) and Staveley Hall Society ($ 7000).

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