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Lionel Messi’s highlights from Barcelona against Bayern in 2015 look even better now

Lionel Messi has made so many superhuman performances during his football career that it is difficult to decide which is his greatest.

From scoring a hat-trick against Real Madrid at the age of 19 to scoring four goals in a single Champions League game against Arsenal, the little Argentine has really impressed us over the years.

But it’s hard to think of a performance by Messi – or even any footballer – that exceeds the Barcelona superstar’s 90 minutes of magic against Bayern Munich in 2015.

The German giants of Pep Guardiola arrived at Camp Nou waiting to test the boat, but Messi made sure that the dominant force of the Bundesliga left Catalonia a wounded animal.

The 32-year-old scored twice in the game, including that memorable goal where he sucked the soul from Jerome Boateng’s body and left it in a pile on the lawn.

But the goals were just one aspect of an exhibition that no player on the planet could mirror, not even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Below, you’ll find a brief salient package of Messi’s display that famous night almost five years ago. A player shouldn’t be able to offer so much brilliance in just 90 minutes of action.


Bayern’s midfield and defense couldn’t quite match the Argentine marauder.

His help with Neymar’s lens was effortlessly ingenious, a perfect one-inch pass that every director in the story would have been proud of.

The return leg of the semifinal saw Bayern redeem themselves with a 3-2 win, but Barcelona moved on to the final where they saw Juventus 3-1 in Rome.

That was the last time Messi got his hands on the coveted Champions League trophy and with the competition likely to be canceled for the 2019/20 season, the Argentine will have to wait a bit to touch him again.

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