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Lisa Armstrong "should let Ant McPartlin take care of the Hurley dog," says an expert

Divorce can turn out to be one of the most difficult times in everyone's life, but there is no doubt that the situation can go very wrong very quickly when guarding an animal from beloved company is at stake.

In the case of former Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong, the two spouses would share custody of their Hurley Chocolate Labrador until a final settlement is reached in court.

According to reports, Ant gave Lisa a gift to Hurley, now five years old, as a "baby".

Meanwhile, Hurley has been granted privileged access to Ant during his stay at The Priory Detox, while the Star Family was not allowed to attend.

Hurley is an adorable chocolate labrador

Lisa looked at the moon when she was spotted and with Hurley recently

It is understood that both parties want custody of the doggie.

Joanne Hull, head of communication with animals, told Mirror Online that she advised couples to arrange the care of their pets as a top priority during a divorce.

"This is not only good for the couple, it is also extremely important that the animal gets a stable environment with the person who has developed the deepest connection," she says.

Joanne, who uses telepathy and her intuitive skills to communicate with animals, reveals that she believes Hurley has closer ties with television presenter Ant, 42.

Lisa often publishes pretty pictures of Hurley on Instagram

We regularly see the ant walking his dog in London

"In the case of Hurley, while it would have been bought as a gift to Lisa and that she undoubtedly adores him, Hurley loves her and her family, it's a good thing." 39 is a very different relationship between Hurley and Ant, "she says.

"If it is important not to humanize animals, it should be taken into account that animals, especially dogs, have many of the emotions we feel, that they experience happiness, sadness, sorrow, anger and relationships with those they love.

"In the case of Hurley, he shows love and support to Lisa, including meeting her emotional needs, and he has a lot of fun, which is charming.

"However, it seems to me harder with Ant, they are connecting to a deeper and stronger level."

Hurley received special permission to visit Ant in Rehabilitation

Happier: Hurley on the beach with both parents

Joanne adds, "I think they would be good for each other and Hurley would install very quickly."

The opinion of our expert could be a heavy blow to the makeup artist Lisa, aged 42, who would undoubtedly want the best for her adorable dog.

Joanne explains to Mirror Online that it is important to be selfless when it comes to determining who will be the primary caregiver for any animal.

"We have to remember to put the needs of dogs before ours, and with whom Hurley would eventually be more connected," she says.

Mirror Online has maintained with Joanne Hull, UK's leading animal communicator

"In this case, while Lisa and Ant would also offer Hurley a safe and loving house, my general feeling is that Hurley would eventually be more connected to Ant."

Joanne concludes, "Sometimes animals can help us through the darkest moments, and Hurley is no exception for both Lisa and Ant.

"So I feel, as a professional animal communicator, that Hurley would be an integral part of Ant's life on a permanent basis."

For more information on Joanne Hull, leading animal communicator in the UK, visit her website here.

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