Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Lisa Armstrong will supply Pinot Grigio while ex-Ant McPartlin continues its recovery

Lisa Armstrong has had some difficult months, but she is clearly determined to hold a ball this Christmas.

Ant McPartlin's ex-wife was spotted drinking well before the big day.

Before publicly complaining about the end of their 11-year marriage in January, Ant, her husband Ant stood up to her husband Ant.

But now, she seems determined to drop her new hair tinged with lavender. The makeup artist, swaddled in an elegant sheepskin jacket against the icy wind, can load an entire suitcase of what appears to be a good Pinot Grigio in her car.

Or rather, force the saleswoman to do it for her!

The saleswoman carried Lisa's order to her car

Lisa certainly deserves a night. While Ant has been photographed strolling lovingly with her new girlfriend, Lisa keeps her head down and continues her makeup work on Strictly Come Dancing.

In October, a judge ratified the first part of his divorce with Ant and, at the end of last month, he criticized the rest. t a law for celebrities and one for the rest of the community ".

To be fair, the makeup artist Strictly kept him the door open

Since then, Lisa has loved at least one supportive tweet thanking her for her resistance to "treacherous betrayal" and criticized critics saying she was wearing a diamond ring in her hand.

"For the record, this is not my wedding ring, it 's my diamond band bought by the money my late grandfather left me," he said. she tweeted.

"The photo is back, I guess I challenge [sic] I've changed my mole on the other side of the cheek !! "

Lisa worked hard in Blackpool all weekend

Other Christmas preparations for Lisa include printing a batch of custom greeting cards. The cards feature Lisa and Ant's beloved dog, Hurley, who was at the center of a "battle for custody" between the two when the divorce negotiations were opened.

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