List of Creterias for Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients According to the Association of Internal Medicine Doctors – The government is preparing to vaccinate Covid-19 starting January 2021. A number of community groups that are entitled to receive vaccines have been targeted. However, as long as the mass vaccination process has not yet started and community immunity, aka herd immunity, has not been achieved, you still need to be disciplined in following health protocols, at least with 3M, namely using masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance.

It is known that the upcoming vaccination preparation, there are a number of criteria for vaccine recipients Covid-19 according to the Association of Internal Medicine Specialists (PAPDI). The criteria are divided into two, namely inclusion and exclusion.

PAPDI’s recommendation is contained in the recommendation letter for the Covid-19 Vaccination (Sinovac / Inactivated), according to the Secretary General of PAPDI Eka Ginanjar, addressed to the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) and the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s a recommendation letter that we addressed to IDI and the Ministry of Health,” said Eka as quoted by Merdeka from, Sunday (27/12).

The inclusion criteria for Covid-19 vaccine recipients according to PAPDI, include:

1. Healthy adults aged 18-59 years

2. Participants receive an explanation and sign a Letter of Approval after the Explanation (Informed Consent)

3. Participants agree to follow the immunization rules and schedule

Exclusionary Criteria for Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients


For the exclusive criteria for Covid-19 vaccine recipients, the following are PAPDI’s recommendations:

1. Has been confirmed and diagnosed with Covid-19.

2. Experiencing mild, moderate or severe illness, especially infectious diseases and / or fever (temperature ≥ 37.5 ° C, measured using an infrared thermometer / thermal gun).

3. Female participants who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant during the immunization period (based on interviews and pregnancy urine test results).

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4. Have a history of severe allergies to vaccines or vaccine ingredients and severe allergic reactions to vaccines, such as redness, shortness of breath, and swelling.

5. History of uncontrolled clotting disease or blood disorders that contraindicate intramuscular injection.

6. The existence of abnormalities or chronic diseases (severe heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, tumors, etc.) which according to medical staff can interfere with immunization according to the eligibility of special conditions (comorbid disease).

7. Subjects who have a history of immune system disorders, such as low immune response (or subjects who in the last 4 weeks have received therapy that can interfere with the immune response (eg intravenous immunoglobulins, blood-derived products or long-term corticosteroid drug therapy) (> 2 Sunday).

8. Have a history of epilepsy / epilepsy or other neurological disorders (decreased function of the nervous system).

9. Got any immunizations within the past 1 month or will receive other vaccines within the next 1 month.

10. Planning to move from the domicile area before the immunization schedule is complete.

The recommendation letter above is signed December 18, 2020, which was compiled by PAPDI based on the publication data of Phase I / II regarding Sinovac and data on phase III trials in Bandung in the form of proposals and notes from field players involved in clinical trials.

Then on the basis of test data for other inactivated vaccines that are already complete (such as influenza vaccines, etc.), while the data for inactivated Covid-19 (Sinovac) vaccines are incomplete. Recommendations are also formulated specifically for Sinovac, so that they can change according to the development of the Sinovac clinical trial data report.

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Reporter: Dwiyana Pangesthi



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