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“Little Big” wants to stir up Eurovision

Little Big

The nomination of the punk pop band is an absolute break in style for Russia.

Moscow The most important thing in good satire is the deadly serious face. And Ilja Prusikin and his colleagues have rehearsed this from “Little Big” to perfection. In addition, the group founded in St. Petersburg in 2013 also makes rave music and offers a well-rehearsed show.

It was not foreseeable at the beginning that this music would be suitable for the masses in Russia. The video “Every day I’m drinking”, in which Little Big stereotyped about Russia through cocoa, made her known in Europe years ago – but was considered by many to be hostile to Russia in her own country. The vodka-drinking Cossack cut with Kremlin tattoo on the chest is just as disturbing as the young woman who copulates with a bear with Kokoschnik, the traditional Russian headdress on the head, or the Balalaika player who finally smashes his instrument.

The video “Big dick”, in which Prusikin appears with a pixelated giant phallus, is probably only something for the hard-boiled, although the 34-year-old described the clip himself as a “parody of all modern pop videos”. The desire for parody and provocation can also be clearly seen in “Rock Paper Scissors”. There the group took the song “Bad Touch” by the US rock band Bloodhound Gang on its shovels. But with “Skibidi” at the latest, Little Big triggered a real hype in autumn 2018. With around 370 million clicks, the video is by far the most viral hit of all participants in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although the bizarre dance movements are not completely free of minors, Little Big even won a prize with the Belgian children’s and youth broadcaster Ketnet.

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Since then, the group has also been considered family-friendly in Russia. The victory in the Russian preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was nevertheless a surprise. Even Little Big had seen participation in the national preliminary joke as a joke. The nomination is an absolute change in style, since Moscow has so far mostly been deadly serious about its participation in the singing competition and has carried out a lot of pathos. A victory meant almost as much to the Russians as to the Germans to victory in a European Football Championship. Perfectly styled lazy singers like Dima Bilan or Sergei Lasarew have so far achieved the best results for the country.

Little Big’s self-deprecating portrayal has little in common with them. Nevertheless, the group now even has a chance to win the final on May 16 in Rotterdam. Quite a few fans trust her to win there – provided the ESC is not canceled because of the corona virus.

Not only because the band has a large fan base in Europe, especially in France, Belgium and Switzerland, but also because your participation “Uno” could be as contagious as Skibidi. In a perfect satirical version of the song contest, the group competes there in a 1970s outfit with bell bottoms and a dancing queen costume, in order to fool around with pseudo-Latin music with elastic knees and a stiff facial expression.

PR-aware Little Big started a flash mob to encourage fans to imitate the movements. And they accepted the challenge. The Internet is already buzzing with hundreds of more or less original clips, in which young people flap their knees to “Uno” music – and try to make the most serious expression possible. But at least the audience can laugh heartily.

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