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Little dog cries with happiness, has a home after three years in shelter

In social networks, the emotional reaction that a puppy had when he found out that, after several years of being in a animal shelter, he had been adopted and got a new home where he would be cared for as he deserved.

However, the search for the new family for the puppy, identified as BowieIt was not simple or short, because it took about three years to find the right people who could dedicate as much love as possible.

The story of the rescued puppy Bowie

Bowie had been rescued in St. Louis, United States by organization staff Gateway Pet Guardians in 2014, when the dog was just a puppy abandoned to its fate. His caregivers were in charge of him until he managed to be in the suitable conditions to put him up for adoption.

Months later, a family came to the shelter where they met Bowie and that’s how they decided to adopt him. Everything seemed to be going perfect in the dog’s life until the family could no longer take care of him and decided to return him.

By then, the perrito Bowie He had already turned three years old and, once again, the organization began an adoption campaign for the dog that was once again looking for a home where they could take care of him forever.

Bowie is adopted

Compared to the first time, the family search perfect for the puppy was slower, so much so that one of her caregivers decided to take him home and see for him until they managed to get a home.

Among its publications, the association assured that the puppy was very well trained, but that he needed patience from his new family because he still had to learn to live with children and other canine friends.

Little dog meets a family and cries with joy

His manager published photos in which Bowie posed in order to conquer his new family, and in this situation he lasted another three years. After many efforts, a social worker She went to the shelter and said she was really interested in the puppy.

The managers took on the task of verifying the profile of the interested woman and, after carrying out an adoption protocol, they realized that the social worker was the right one, since she had no children and had enough time, as well as the resources to take care of the puppy.

When Bowie He found out that a new person was interested in adopting him, the puppy did not hesitate to respond in a happy and enthusiastic way, because after a long time he had managed to have another family that would love him forever.

Thus, between barking, tears and jumping he let them know that he was ready to go to his new home.

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