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live crying. The unedited photo

Always try to keep control Maria De Filippi. In this case, however, he did not make it, his true soul emerged.

Maria De Filippi lets herself go to a cry full of emotion, during the final of Amici. The architect of his emotion was Geppi Cucciari. But what happened in the studio?

Maria De Filippi she is a very reserved woman who hardly talks about her private life and, even more so, about her family of origin and her parents.

In the final of Amici 17, however, Maurizio Costanzo’s wife let herself go and tears streamed down her face. “Fault” of Geppi Cucciari who knew how to touch the innermost chords of his soul.

Maria De Filippi in tears to Friends 17

During the final of Friends 17, Maria De Filippi showed her more tender and intimate side.

Geppi Cucciari, in fact, jokingly began to talk about his origins and the studies made by TV lady, and then move on to some questions related to his private life.

In particular, the comic focuses on family of origin of Maria De Filippi, which unbuttons and talks about her mother and the education she gave her:

“My mom was a very determined person. His education was very important to me. In the last period, it had softened a lot ”.

And he adds: She had grown affectionate. He had a great sense of modesty, very intelligent “. IS, slowly the presenter of the talent show is moved, to the point of crying.

The relationship with the father

De Filippi also speaks of the emotional relationship with father who was sweeter than her stern mother.

I was very cuddly with him. He was sweeter than my mother, he was as fat as Maurizio when I was little, I leaned on his belly, I combed him. When he got sick, I was 28 “.

Then talk about the disease who took the parent away. “It was tough because I wasn’t prepared. He lived through a tough illness. He was in intensive care for a year and a half. It wasn’t easy“.

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