Live: Fuente Ymbro bulls for Finito, Urdiales and Perera in San Isidro


Sixth bull The last of the afternoon is called Taranto, with the number 141, black, 557 kilos, born on October 14.

Sixth bull
Fifth bull Ditero, number 97, black ribbon, 521 kilos, born on September 14.

Fifth bull
Fourth bull Jaranero, number 113, chestnut, of 621 kilos, born in February 2015.

Fourth bull
Third bull Pijotero, number 61, chestnut, of 549 kilos, born in November 2013.

Third bull
Second bull Indómito, number 103, black ribbon, 565 kilos, born in September 2014.

Second bull
First bull Tremendo, number 84, black bragado meano, weighing 12 kilos, born in September 2014.

First bull
Paseíllo They make the paseíllo Finito, Urdiales and Perera.

Raffle This morning the bulls of Ricardo Gallardo have been raffled, winning cattle of the Feria de Abril. The hats are from Torrealta and Montealto.

Poster Second run of the San Isidro Fair, with bulls from Fuente Ymbro for Finito de Córdoba, Diego Urdiales and Miguel Ángel Perera. .


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