Monday, 10 Dec 2018

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Pep Guardiola does not fear that Manchester City is banned from Europe

Pep Guardiola is confident that Manchester City will not be banned from the Champions League.

According to reports published this week, City could face such a penalty if the European governing body, UEFA, decided to take measures to counter the alleged attempts to circumvent the rules of financial fair play.

City was the subject of a series of reports based on last month's leaked emails from the German magazine Der Spiegel, which purported to highlight accounting irregularities.

UEFA, which has fined City of nearly 50 million pounds sterling and imposed further restrictions on the club in the event of FFP's breach in 2014, has since examined its options in light of these new allegations, that City has always denied.

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin confirmed this week that an independent body was assessing the situation and that a formal investigation could follow.

But even if he does, Guardiola does not expect the issue to lead to a ban on competition from European elites.

The City Manager said, "We will not be banned, no. That's what I think because I trust my president, my director general and what they explained to me. I trust them. "If that happens, because UEFA has decided so, we will accept it and move on."

Pep Guardiola, boss of Man City
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