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LIVE – Prolonged confinement, exceptional aid, reopening of schools … Emmanuel Macron multiplies the announcements


COVID-19 – While the coronavirus pandemic is still progressing around the world, Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday evening for his third speech at the Elysée Palace since the start of the crisis. Extension of confinement, reopening of schools, exceptional aid … The Head of State has multiplied the announcements. Follow the latest information on LCI.fr.

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Coronavirus: the pandemic that is shaking the planet


If the situation is improving, the President of the Republic considered that “nothing is for granted”, and therefore announced a series of measures to fight against the coronavirus:

– An extension of confinement until May 11;

– The gradual reopening of crèches, schools and lycées from May 11, but no courses in higher education “before summer”;

– Bars and restaurants which will remain closed;

– Authorized visits for people at the end of their life;

– “Exceptional help” for modest families and students;

– The closing of borders until further notice with non-European countries;

– A “general public” mask made available to “each French person” and which could “become systematic” in certain situations;

– A test available for “everyone with symptoms”, starting May 11.

“We will eventually prevail but we will have several months to live with the virus,” summed up the head of state.


The speech was eagerly awaited and the measures numerous. Find the full declaration of the President of the Republic here ↓


While Emmanuel Macron announced the “progressive” reopening, from May 11, of schools, colleges and high schools, watch the reaction of the main concerned.


If the situation is improving, the President of the Republic considered that “nothing is for granted”, and therefore announced a series of measures to fight against the coronavirus:

– An extension of confinement until May 11;

– The gradual reopening of crèches, schools and lycées from May 11, but no courses in higher education “before summer”;

– Bars and restaurants which will remain closed;

– Authorized visits for people at the end of their life;

– “Exceptional help” for modest families and students;

– The closing of borders until further notice with non-European countries;

– A “general public” mask made available to “each French person” and which could “become systematic” in certain situations;

– A test available for “everyone with symptoms”, starting May 11.

“We will eventually prevail but we will have several months to live with the virus,” summed up the head of state.


While Emmanuel Macron announced that the state would allow, in mid-May, each French to get a “general public mask”, because “we have multiplied by five the production of masks”, what is it on the ground?

According to Gérald Heuliez, director of the company Kolmi-Hopen which produces masks, this challenge has indeed been met. Its Angers factory will produce “three million masks” in June, ten times more than before the health crisis.


“I will come back to you to talk about this after.” This was launched by the President of the Republic at the end of his speech. “Our whole country is dependent on women and men whom our economies recognize and remunerate so poorly. Social distinctions can only be based on common utility.”

“Let’s know how to reinvent ourselves, me first.” Pleading a “long-term strategy”, “carbon sobriety” and “resilience”, Emmanuel Macron said he saw this crisis as a “chance”. The government will present within 15 days a “post-May 11 plan”. “We will have better days and we will find happy days.”


“All options are explored” to find a treatment, says Emmanuel Macron. “Our country has carried out the most clinical trials”, launched the President of the Republic and “no track is and will not be neglected, I commit myself”.


The state will allow, in mid-May, each French to get a “general public mask”, announces the President of the Republic. And its use may become “systematic” in certain situations, such as transport, and certain professions.

Borders with non-European countries will remain closed “until further notice”.


A new organization will be put in place from May 11, announces Emmanuel Macron. And this in particular by making tests “for anyone with a symptom”.


If nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools “will open gradually” on 11 May, students in higher education will not go to classes “until the summer”, announced the head of state. Public places, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, will also remain closed “at this stage”. The major festivals will not be held, “at least until mid-July next”.

The most fragile must remain confined.


The President of the Republic asked the government to “increase and simplify aid”. “I wish that the banks could shift all the maturities much more massively, and the insurances must also be there.”

Emmanuel Macron also announced a “specific plan for certain sectors that are permanently affected, with charge cancellation”. And the payment “without delay” of “exceptional” aid to the most modest families with children and to the most precarious students.


Announcing the confinement “until Monday, May 11”, “the beginning of a new stage”, the president of the republic stressed that this would only be possible if “we continue to be civic, responsible and to respect the rules. ” “For the next four weeks, the rules will have to continue to be respected, they are only showing their effectiveness and must be fully applied.”



If “hope is reborn, nothing is for granted,” said the head of state. This is why “the strictest containment must still continue until Monday, May 11”.


The head of state said that France was “not sufficiently prepared” for the pandemic. “Like all the countries of the world, we lacked gloves, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel …”. However “thanks to the efforts”, of the French, “we have multiplied by five the production of masks”.

If he confides that there have been “failures, unnecessary procedures, and weaknesses”, Emmanuel Macron also hails “successes” in recent weeks, such as the proliferation of hospital lilies or distance education . “We have innovated, dared, acted.”



If “the fatigue and weariness” of some, the “mourning and sorrow” of others, makes this period a “difficult” episode, Emmanuel Macron assures him: “we have progressed.” The results are there: for several days, the number of resuscitators decreases, hope is reborn. “

We take stock

A few minutes from the presidential address, we take stock of the five subjects that Emmanuel Macron should address this evening.


The Ukrainian president has promised $ 1 million to the country’s scientists who will succeed in developing a vaccine against the coronavirus, his spokesman said on Monday.

Volodymyr Zelensky estimates that this sum represents “a good encouragement if we manage to find a drug saving hundreds of thousands of lives”.



France has recorded 14,967 deaths since the start of the epidemic, according to the daily report of the Directorate General of Health. In the past 24 hours, 335 people have died in hospitals and 239 in nursing homes.

In hospitals, France continues in its “high plateau” dynamic, to use the words of the DGS. Thus, in the past 24 hours, 227 new Covid-19 patients have been admitted to intensive care. The balance of admissions was negative for 24 patients for the fifth consecutive day.

In France, 98,076 cases have been identified since the start of the epidemic, or 2,673 cases confirmed more than yesterday. Among them, 27,718 people left the hospital cured.


According to our information, Edouard Philippe did convene an inter-ministerial meeting before the President’s speech in order to “inform them of the announcements” to come.


Should patients with mild to moderate forms of coronavirus stay in hotels while they recover? The Italians did it. And in France ?

Coronavirus: why are patients not isolated in hotels?


In Belarus, which is a UFO in Europe, no one died of the coronavirus, reaffirms its president, Alexander Lukashenko, despite the 29 deaths officially counted and the calls of the WHO to take firm measures to stem the epidemic . “People are afraid, so I want to tell them the following thing: in our country, not a single person died of the coronavirus. Not a single one!”, He asserted, according to a transcript of his words during of an official meeting published on the website of the Belarusian presidency.

Statements that contrast with the government’s own statistics which show 2,929 cases of contamination and 29 deaths and with WHO experts, who warned the Belarusian authorities that the epidemic was “rapidly increasing” in the country.

Sad loss

Bernard Stalter, president of the Chambers of Trades, died at the age of 63, in Strasbourg, from the coronavirus. The memory of this great defender of craftsmanship, recognizable by his long mustaches, was greeted by Bruno Le Maire. “I learn with great sadness the disappearance of my friend Bernard Stalter,” wrote the Minister of Economy on Twitter.


In an interview published in Le Figaro, the president of the Resuscitation Society calls for “partial deconfinement”. A few hours before the President’s speech, Professor Éric Maury advised him to “let go of the ballast”. Because if the “initial containment decision was completely justified”, the president of the SRLF now believes that economic life must resume. “Why could we not consider, for people who absolutely need to work, to deconfine them, by forcing them to wear a mask to protect themselves?”, He therefore advances in the pages of the daily.


The warning is clear: cigarettes are not a therapeutic solution.

Tobacco, a barrier against Covid-19? Beware of false information


Thousands of Moroccans stranded abroad are multiplying the calls for help, with open letters to the highest authorities and social media campaigns. According to the local press, there are more than 16,000 tourists, students or businessmen in this situation, with large contingents in France, Turkey and Spain. In a petition addressed to the Moroccan government and signed by more than 25,000 people, some therefore warn of their “increasingly precarious situations with the increase in restrictions imposed by the pandemic”.

The Moroccan consular services have announced that they have set up “support units”, and have paid for accommodation costs for some. But no repatriation announcement has been made, the priority of the Moroccan authorities so far being to limit the risk of contagion, according to information obtained by AFP from a diplomatic source.


As in New York, the Montreal police are launching online information to “unclog” the emergency number.

This “online police report” is used to report violations of the state of health emergency. As examples, a “party inside a home with people who do not live there”, a game of football in a park or “a food business that does not comply with prescribed hygiene rules” . However, this is not to encourage “denial”, said AFP André Durocher, spokesperson for the SPVM. “We don’t want people to spend the day at the window watching what their neighbor is doing. That’s not the purpose of the exercise.”


A plane carrying eleven million masks landed on Monday in Nantes as part of the “airlift” between China and France. “An Antonov with eleven million masks landed around 7:00 am” at Nantes airport, where a dozen semi-trailers were present to transport them, the Loire-Atlantique prefecture told AFP.

“We have just received 1.2 million surgical masks intended for our hospitals and health centers. The mobilization of the Region alongside our health personnel continues,” said on Twitter the president of the Pays de Loire region Christelle Morance (LR).



Italy registers 566 additional deaths in 24 hours, announces the Italian Civil Protection at a daily press conference. The focus of the epidemic in Europe therefore passes the milestone of 20,000 coronavirus deaths.

In its latest official report, the authorities report, however, a drop in intensive care patients for the tenth consecutive day.



According to the WHO, 1.4 billion students are out of school worldwide due to containment measures.


Announcing a new “strategy” to fight Covid-19, especially in view of the lifting of the containment wanted by certain countries, the head of the World Health Organization recalled that the populations of the world were “interconnected”. “This means that the risk of re-introduction and resurgence of the Covid-19 will continue.” This is why Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus judged that a “safe and effective vaccine” will be necessary to completely end the pandemic.


While some countries speak of a deconfinement, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that WHO would publish this Tuesday its “strategic advice” for countries considering the lifting of restrictions.

– the transmission of the virus is controlled;

– the capacities of the hospital system make it possible to detect, test, isolate, treat and trace each case;

– the risks of transmissions in particular places such as health establishments and nursing homes are reduced;

– preventive measures are put in place in workplaces, schools and other places where it is essential that people go;

– the risks of importing sick cases can be managed

– the population is fully educated, committed and empowered to adapt to these new safety instructions.


Recalling that Covid-19 is a “new virus” and “the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus”, the WHO however announced that it now had a “clearer idea of ​​this virus, of its behavior, of how to stop it and how to treat it. ” At a press conference, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that according to “the latest data”, this virus is “ten times more deadly” than H1N1.


In New York, the city has put a platform online to report violations of barrier measures. On this site, the public can report “a business or trade that must be closed”, a business that “does not meet the necessary restrictions”, or a link of “overcrowding”.



New York State records an additional 671 deaths in 24 hours. The focus of the epidemic in the United States therefore crosses the milestone of 10,000 coronavirus deaths, according to an announcement by the governor.

At a press conference, Andrew Cuomo wanted to give “good news”, however. The hospitalization curve “continues to flatten”. “It looks like we have a plateau.” However, the government recalled that it was difficult to predict “how long” this plateau will last.


South Korea to send 600,000 test kits to the United States, Foreign Minister said in an interview with France 24. As a reminder, the country’s ability to massively test its population seems to have largely contributed to its success in the fight against the pandemic.


Hospitalized in Marseille in serious condition on March 22, Michel Muraccioli was the first Corsican to be evacuated. After a little less than three weeks of hospitalization, he was finally able to return to the island to find his family. He testifies on our antenna.


Nearly 200 schools were robbed, and sometimes burned, during the first 17 days of confinement in South Africa, announced “horrified”, the Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga. “It is extremely disappointing to see criminals destroying the infrastructure intended to provide decent spaces for learning and teaching,” she said in a statement.


The approximately 120,000 liberal nurses in France are also on the front line. Among them, Sandrine Bardeller, who works in Montigny-lès-Metz, in Moselle. This young woman follows both temporary and long-term patients. She tells us about her daily life.


In a video posted on Twitter, the government recalls the importance of staying confined.


While – after months of denial – the Moscow authorities announced Friday a slew of bad news, it is Putin’s turn to admit failures. The Russian president said the country was experiencing “shortages” of protective equipment for medical personnel. An announcement in total contradiction with the images at the beginning of the month. A Russian plane loaded with humanitarian aid was sent to New York on April 1.

“I know that (these means) are not always sufficient. So, of course, additional measures are needed to fill these shortages,” said Vladimir Putin, during a videoconference meeting, without giving any indication on the extent of the shortages.


25 tonnes of equipment destined for the CHU de Nice and staff arrived in Nice, according to a series of tweets from the mayor, Christian Estrosi. In this plane chartered by the city, there are among others 450,000 FFP2 masks and 300,000 surgical masks, as well as gloves, gowns and visors, according to elected official LR, who wished to thank the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Chinese trade, Embassies, and French and Chinese Consulates General whose “responsiveness and professionalism made possible the delivery of this order.”


In Bergamo, recovering patients have been transferred to hotels to relieve hospitals in this epicenter of the epidemic in Italy.


Donald Trump says that the main oil exporting countries forecast a drop in production twice as large as that announced the previous day by OPEC and its main partners. “OPEC + plans to cut 20 million barrels of oil a day,” said Donald Trump, not 10 million. “This industry will be strong again, much faster than expected.”


One One, the New yorker Once again pays tribute to the nursing staff. This American magazine has distinguished itself since the beginning of the health crisis for its drawings.


Grand Corps Malade publishes a new title for the benefit of hospitals. In this slam, the artist from Saint-Denis shares his thoughts on the coronavirus crisis. The entire income from this piece will be donated to the Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis and the François Quesnay Hospital in Mantes la Jolie, it said.


The UK records an additional 717 deaths in 24 hours, bringing the total number of people who died in hospital to 11,329, according to the Department of Health.

Just over 14,500 more people were tested for Covid-19 in 24 hours, the ministry said, bringing the total infected with the disease to 88,621 since the epidemic began.



A sailor from the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt died of the coronavirus, the US Navy announced.

The sailor, whose identity and age were not disclosed, was found unconscious on Friday morning during a daily medical check-up in the facilities made available to the crew. He had been transferred to the intensive care unit of Guam hospital in the Pacific, where the coronavirus-contaminated vessel was partially evacuated.


In a letter to the President of the Republic, Olivier Faure calls for a “state of social emergency”.

PS boss asks Macron to help the poorest households


As the daily death toll in Spain continues to fall, authorities are loosening the restrictions. The country was almost stationary for two weeks, following some of the strictest containment rules in the world. Now the country is heading towards the end of its hibernation.


On Twitter, the Paris police prefecture reminds joggers: the practice of sports activities in the streets of the capital is prohibited from 10h to 19h.


In detail, the Leopoldina Academy recommends several tracks for a deconfinement. Starting with the reopening “as quickly as possible” of schools closed for the most part since March 16. But also a return to normal for shops, restaurants and administrations, provided, however, that “barrier gestures”, in particular regular hand washing and respect for social distancing, are scrupulously respected.

The president of the Leopoldina Academy, Gerald Haug, nevertheless warned that this relaxation could only take place with certain obligations. “Every citizen must in the future have this type of mouth and nose protection on him and wear it whenever the rules of social distancing can not be respected,” he said in Der Spiegel. “We must at all costs avoid a second wave of infections.”

Finally, this report also recommends the “little by little” resumption of cultural or sporting events.

Confined. The French learned a few days ago that the confinement would extend beyond a month, a period during which they will continue to learn to respect distancing measures and, when they do not leave their home, to tame life locked up at home.

Since March 16, we have been informed every evening of the – tragic – number of people who have died in hospitals, carried away by the Covid-19. As of April 10, more than 12,000 people had died in France.

We also know that at our borders, a massacre takes place in Italy (more than 18,000 dead), in Spain (more than 15,000), and it is now in the United States that the virus is wreaking havoc. Out of a fortnight’s death a fortnight ago, today there are more than 16,000.

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Wherever the Covid-19 wreaks havoc, we feverishly watch for the peak of the mortality rate, heralding a reflux and a decongestion of the resuscitation services. In Italy, containment, introduced a week earlier than in France, begins to produce encouraging results after three weeks, as in Spain. In France, according to forecasts by the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon, the number of people in intensive care has started to decrease.

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