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Live sports and soccer are missing from fans during Corona pandemic

That was something. The game. The players. The fans. The emotions. Now there is only: nothing.
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Have a lot of time – and no longer the favorite pastime: It’s tough. It’s not just about entertainment. Sport structures everyday life. The friend of sports must now endure the emptiness. And the marathon has just started.

AThe worst are Saturdays. How do you recognize them? For the one who is always at home, the week is out of shape. It has no real beginning, no real ending. Before Corona, every day felt a little different. Now that is gradually disappearing, especially the Saturday feeling. This day may have had something of its own, even its own sound, more than any other week. Especially on clear spring days you could hear him blowing in through open windows and gardens. The sound of football.

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Christian Eichler

The reporters’ screams of goals and avalanches of words, underpinned by the body of tens of thousands of stadium visitors – this sound painting from countless radios belongs to the soundtrack of the Saturday Republic, especially in spring, when the Bundesliga goes into its final weeks. The vocal dramatization of the banal, which casts a spell over millions of listeners, is narrative art in real time and with the highest concentration. It can transform something real, pictorial but invisible into words and voices and transform them back into images in the listener’s imagination. This is how she creates the sound of the weekend, the music of a carefree everyday life.


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