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LIVE: Wisła P. – Lech – KKSLECH.com – KKS Lech Poznań

At 8 p.m. at the Kazimierza Górskiego located at 34 Łukasiewicza Street in Płock, the beginning of the match of the 29th PKO Ekstraklasa football queue of the 2021/2022 season, between the Wisła Płock team and the Lech Poznań team. We invite all Kolejorz supporters to follow our traditional LIVE match report from this match on the KKSLECH.com website.

null Before the game Wisła P. – Lech (04/16/2022):

null Only 4 Lech wins in Płock, including 3 league wins (last in 2019)
null Third-best team at home (32 points in 14 games) vs third-best away team (23 points in 14 games)
null 5 years ago, on April 15, 2017, on Easter Saturday, Lech’s team won 3-0 in Płock (2 assists by Kownacki)
null Lech in official matches during the Easter period from 2003 – 9-4-2 (the last victory 4 years ago in Krakow 3: 1 – on Lany Monday)
null Wisła after 2 consecutive victories in a row vs the leader of the table before the 29th round
null Skorża won 1 match with Wisła as Lech’s coach and won 1 (in autumn 4: 1), Skorża won only once in Płock (September 17, 2005)
null Lubomir Satka will be watched as part of the “Eye on the game” series

null LIVE report (match)

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null 1 – 15 minutes

1 min. – Grams! Only by winning will keep the leadership position.
1 min. – The game started with a three-minute delay.
2 min. – null Kaminski with problems is defended by hitting Karlstrom from afar!
5 min. – Lech’s dominance in the first 5 minutes.
6 min. – A sharp start. Satka without a card, Krivotsyuk has already received.
7 min. – Van der Hart’s long ball to Kownacki, he lobbed the goalkeeper, but he did it wrong.
9 min. – null Oh, close! Kamiński defended the Rebocho bomb, and after a while Amaral’s correction was not accurate.
10 min. – Kamiński perfectly matched Murawski’s strike from a distance!
13 min. – Wisła came out of her half, but Tomasik lost the ball.
15 min. – A very good quarter of an hour from Poznań. Only a goal was missing.

null 16 – 30 minutes

17 min. – Sekulski hit blocked by a corner.
20 min. – We have been playing a lot on the wings since the beginning of the match. Side defenders are especially active.
23 min. – There are plenty of strikes from afar today. Unfortunately, Amaral cannot shoot himself.
25 min. – Wisła started to play a little more with the ball.
29 min. – The meeting smoothed out a bit.
30 minutes. – Lech’s last minutes are not so good. In addition, Pereira fouled his opponent, the hosts will have a free kick.

null 31 – 45 minutes

31 min. – null Szwoch made a slight mistake in the free kick. Van der Hart also parried this shot on the post.
32 min. – Kownacki was lobbying Kamiński again. He could have been looking for an application to Amaral.
33 min. – Very good intervention by Satka after shooting the ball into the penalty area. Sekulski was waiting for the ball.
36 min. – null A card for Amaral.
40 min. – Unnecessary and very inaccurate shot by Kownacki from a distance. This is not his game at the moment, he makes bad decisions.
43 min. – The end of the first half is Lech’s big advantage again.
44 min. – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!! 1: 0 !!! Lech’s action on the left side, the 1-on-1 duel on this flank was well-behaved on the flank, who played in the penalty area, and there Kownacki threw the ball into the net with a sniper calm.

null Kownacki
null Skin

45 min. – Until the break 1: 0. Lech is leading fully deservedly, it is a good match for Kolejorz, although between 25 and 35 minutes the Poznań players had a little crisis.

null 46 – 60 minutes

46 min. – null Before the second half: Lech was leading 1-0 this season already 21 times (16 in the league) and he could not win only twice (in Łęczna and with Legia). Balance? – 19-2-0.
46 min. – We keep playing. You have to look for a quick 2 goal to calm down this game even more.
48 min. – Amaral’s shot from outside the penalty area was saved by Kamiński. Lech has been dominating since the beginning of the second part.
50 min. – Amaral’s counterattack in the middle of the field, catching up to the right flank, from where Sklyś crossed into the penalty area very badly.
51 min. – null Poznań players in Ekstraklasa are particularly dangerous between 51 and 60 minutes of the game, noting as many as 13 hits in this time frame.
53 min. – Milić demanded a penalty after a corner kick. The referee ordered the game to continue.
55 min. – Finally, a nice action by Kamiński, who won the corner.
57 min. – We have a lot of space on the wings and we use it.
60 min. – Nice quarter of an hour performed by Lech. Only the finish was missing.

null 61 – 75 minutes

63 min. – Poznań players have full control over the field events. It only takes a 2-0 goal to end the thrill of this match.
63 min. – Skóraś defended the ball after being hit by the hosts’ goalkeeper.
66 min. – A fragment of the advantage of the Vistula. Another good intervention by Satka.
68 min. – Lech’s counterattack, after which Rzezniczak won the match 1 on 1 with Kamiński.
71 min. – Where’s the 2nd card for Vallo? After the foul at Skóraś, the opponent should play in 10.
73 min. – null Tiba for Murawski.
75 min. – We have the last quarter of an hour ahead of us. Unfortunately, it will be nervous.

null 76 – 90 minutes

null null 29th round of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022, Saturday, April 16, at 20:00
null The second half is underway
null Wisła Płock – KKS Lech Poznań 0:1 (0:1)

null Goals: 44. Kownacki

null Assists: 1: 0 – Skin

null Yellow cards: Krivotsyuk, Vallo – Amaral

null Viewers: 3105 (complete)

null Judge: Raczkowski (Warsaw)

null Technical judge: Gender

null Side judges: Wójcik, Pierściński

null VAR judges: Pskit, Sapela

null Wisła P .: Kamiński – Vallo, Michalski, Krivotsyuk, Tomasik – Pawlak, Lesniak (67th Furman), Szwoch, Jorginho – Kolar (46th Rzeźniczak), Sekulski (67th Warchoł).

null Reserves: Węglarz, Rzeźniczak, Chrzanowski, Furman, Walczak, Cielemęcki, Lagator, Tuszyński, Warchoł.

null Lech: Van der Hart – Pereira, Satka, Milić, Rebocho – Karlstrom, Murawski (73.Tiba) – Skóraś, Amaral, Kamiński – Kownacki.

null Reserves: Bednarek, Kędziora, Douglas, Tiba, Kvekveskiri, Marchwiński, Ba Loua, Velde, Ramirez.

null Captains: Kaminski – Satka

null Settings: 1-4-4-2 – 1-4-2-3-1

null Coaches: Stano – Skorża

null Observation “Eye on the game”: Satka

null Turf condition: Medium (uneven pitch in places)

null Weather: + 7 ° C, clear weather

null Place: Stadium Kazimierz Górski (ul. Łukasiewicza 34, Płock)

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