Liverpool are down, Klopp is reluctant to blame players


Juergen Klopp pairs a body regarding Liverpool’s poor performance this season. According to Klopp, it’s not entirely the Reds’ players fault.

As the defending champions of the Premier League, Liverpool underwent a very bad 2020/2021 season. Since mid-December. Liverpool have won only twice in the league and are now bottom sixth in the standings with 40 points.

The four consecutive defeats that have been received by Liverpool emphasize how gloomy Liverpool’s journey is. In fact, they are 16 points away from Manchester City, who are running fast at the top of the standings.

There are many things that cause Liverpool to crash, one of which is the storm of injuries that hit their flagship players at the back. Meanwhile, players who are still fit fail to perform well, especially in attack.

Only Mohamed Salah performed well, while Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino were below standard, making it difficult for Liverpool to score goals.

Regarding the criticism directed at the team at this time, Klopp did not want to exaggerate it. According to him, Liverpool did perform poorly because of shared responsibility, both players, coaches and staff.

Klopp hopes the squad can learn a lot from this season’s poor form to get back up next season.

“We will try to do our best this season, but we can learn many things from here,” Klopp was quoted as saying Independent.

“We can really learn a lot about what we’ve done right, when other people say it’s wrong, and what’s wrong when other people don’t realize it,” he continued.

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“Of course our football career will not be finished just because of the bad period at the moment. I don’t want to blame the players for this situation – I’m not like that.”

“We are all responsible for this poor performance, especially I am the most responsible. Now we must immediately solve the existing problem and hopefully we can take lessons from this for capital in the future,” concluded Juergen Klopp.



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