“Liverpool’s defense is in big trouble!” – Steve Nicol reminds Jurgen Klopp after being broken into by Leeds United

Steve Nicol warned Jurgen Klopp to clean up with their defense, otherwise the fragility of the back line could get worse.

Post-match cons Leeds United, line of defense Liverpool is now under threat. From what initially received the title as the team with the best defense led by defender Virgil van Dijk, now they have to be aware of the potential for the emergence of porous defensive sectors in the team.

This is conveyed by legend The Reds, Steve Nicol. The legend really highlighted how Liverpool’s defensive performance was in their inaugural match in the 2020/21 Premier League campaign.

Although in the end he was able to overcome Leeds 4-3 – with two Mohamed Salah penalties – conceding three times should have made manager Jurgen Klopp frown. So according to Nicol.

“You have Liverpool’s back line trying to get forward, almost to the midline,” Nicol opened after the seven-goal drama match.

“Do not think ‘this is just one such incident’ and things like this are commonplace. This is a very important issue, a very basic problem,” said Nicol.

“There is nothing more basic than your closed back line when there is no pressure on the ball,” explained the legend.

If Klopp can enjoy the drama of seven goals against Leeds, Nicol is actually worried that this will be the beginning of van Dijk cs’s impeccable future. The legend hopes that the German man will seriously fix what happened in the first match of the EPL.

“This is really a big deal if you take the wrong approach,” he continued.

“When you get it wrong you can see what happens and if you don’t fix that, you are really in big trouble regarding the defense of the team,” said Nicol.

Nicol had 13 fantastic years at Anfield while actively playing. He managed to present four Premier League trophies and made more than 400 appearances for the Merseyside club.


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