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Livrets A, LEP, PEL… We did the math to find out who saves the most in Occitania

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It is still in Lozère (Occitanie) that we save the most in France. (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

The Bank of France has just delivered its 2022 annual report on regulated savings. It thus draws up a complete picture of the country in terms of savings products by department. We take stock in Occitania.

In the region, it’s always Lozère that pulls out of the game on this ground. And even at the national level. As every year, this department is the national number one for the average outstanding amount on the Livret A. That is to say the average amount that sleeps in this savings account which is always more popular in rural areas than in large cities.

Much more in Lozère and Aveyron than by the sea

In Lozère, you thus have (for those who have one) 7,983 euros on your Livret A. Just ahead of Haute-Loire (7,693) and… another Occitan department, Aveyron (7,603 euros). This clearly shows the more marked tradition of savings in the countryside. For example, Seine-Saint-Denis is the last French department in this area with an average outstanding amount of only 3,846 euros, twice less than in Lozère.

Here is the ranking of the Occitan departments for the average outstanding amount on Livret A.

  • 1. Lozère (7,983 euros)
  • 2. Aveyron (7,603)
  • 3. Lot (7 262)
  • 4. Tarn (7 076)
  • 5. Gers (6 825)
  • 6. Haute-Garonne (6,823)
  • 7. Hautes-Pyrenees (6,735)
  • 8. Ariege (6,457)
  • 9. Herault (6,290)
  • 10. Tarn-et-Garonne (6,143)
  • 11. Gard (6 119)
  • 12. Hear (6 054)
  • 13. Pyrenees-Orientales (5,959)
The Livret A in France. (©Bank of France)

The Livret A not widely used in the Tarn-et-Garonne

But the Banque de France is not satisfied with this classification. The institution has also classified the departments by detention rate. And the picture is no longer exactly the same, since in the departments of western France there are more booklets. Up to 95% of the population has one! In Occitania, the figures are lower, but it is still Lozère which dominates with 82.5% of the detention rate, ahead of Aveyron (80.9%) and Ariège (78.7%). Last, this time we find the Tarn-et-Garonne (68.6%).

More than 7 billion euros sleep on Livrets A in Haute-Garonne

Finally, the Banque de France has drawn up a portrait of France by total outstandings, ie the total amount dormant on all the Livret A accounts in the same department. In this area, exit the rural territories. It is the urban territories that dominate, quite simply because there are more inhabitants. It is therefore in Haute-Garonne that there is the most dormant money on Livret A with 7.305 billion euros (which is much less than Paris, the Rhône or the Bouches-du-Rhône, but also than the Gironde and the Pays de la Loire). Logically follow the Hérault with 5,736 billion, then the Gard (3.466 billion), the Pyrénées-Orientales (2,187) and the Tarn (2,052). Lozère, with less than 80,000 inhabitants, cannot do better than 505 million euros…

The total outstanding amount on Livret A. (©Bank of France)

A disparate progression

But in the long term, this classification could evolve since the total outstanding progresses more quickly in certain departments. While it increased “only” by 8.1% in the Gard in 2022 (which is already more than in the Paris region), its growth is double digit in six departments of the region, Aveyron (11 .3%) and Lot (11.1%) in the lead.

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The people of Tarn love LEP

In addition, the Banque de France has carried out the same type of inventory for other savings products. In particular the LEP (People’s Savings Book). On this side, the top three is reversed for the total outstanding. With Hérault (859 million euros) ahead of Haute-Garonne (758) and Gard (598). And far ahead of Lozère (120 million). And this time, it is the Tarn which is fourth (412) and the Pyrénées-Orientales fifth (399).

The growth here is spectacular, Haute-Garonne recording one of the strongest increases in France (+32.6%) ahead of Lot (28.3%) and Hérault (+27.9%). Here again, it is in Lozère that this is changing the least. Half less even (+15.4%). This is also the national minimum for this product which is literally exploding.

Popular savings accounts in France. (©Bank of France)

The less popular Sustainable Development Booklet

The LDDS (Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet) has also been examined by the Banque de France. We find once again the Haute-Garonne at the head of the total outstanding amount with 2.724 billion euros sheltered. Behind, there are the 2.120 billion from the Hérault, then the 1.297 billion from the Gard. Pyrénées-Orientales (886 million) and Tarn (876) complete the top five. The Lozériens have “only” 194 million euros on this type of booklet.

In this register, growth is much more moderate and uniform, ranging from +5.5% (Tarn) to +7.5% (Hautes-Pyrénées).

The Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklets. (©Bank of France)

Aveyron bets on the ELP

Finally, the Housing Savings Plan is one of the products in decline in Occitanie as in France. One of the strongest national decreases is also observed in Hérault with -4.3%, while the evolution is much less in Lozère (-1.2%).

nonetheless, total outstandings remain substantial. Haute-Garonne thus has 5.889 billion euros in PEL, ahead of Hérault (3.739) and Gard (2.425). Hounded by a surprise guest, Aveyron and its 2.327 billion euros. The Tarn peaks at 2.125 billion, while, logically, Lozère brings up the rear with 543 million. Which is not the national minimum, Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse having less full portfolios. Even if the housing situation on the island has nothing to do with that of Occitania…

Housing savings plans. (©Bank of France)

Even in Lozère, there are more than a billion euros in regulated savings

When we put together the average outstandings of these four savings products (Livret A, LEP, LDDS and PEL), we arrive at this regional ranking for total prices:

  • 1.Haute-Garonne: 16.676 billion euros.
  • 2. Herault: 12,454.
  • 3. Gard : 7,786.
  • 4. Tarn : 5,465.
  • 5. Pyrenees-Orientales: 5,220.
  • 6. Aveyron: 5.181.
  • 7. Hear : 3,918.
  • 8. Tarn-et-Garonne 2,916.
  • 9. Hautes-Pyrenees: 2.914.
  • 10. Lot : 2,564.
  • 11. Gers : 2,507.
  • 12. Ariege: 1.874.
  • 13 Lozere: 1.362.

We save more in Aveyron than in Toulouse

To finish, At the time of Occitane made another calculation, quite close to the overall average outstanding amount on the four products in each department, a figure that the Banque de France did not give. We have divided the total outstanding amount by the number of inhabitants of each department (according to 2020 figures from INSEE). And that gives a very different ranking that says the weight of savings in rural areasand, in a way, the poverty of the departments bordering the Mediterranean.

  • 1. Aveyron: 18,533 euros per inhabitant on the four savings products.
  • 2. Lozère: 17,773.
  • 3. Lot : 14 679.
  • 4. Tarn : 13 974.
  • 5. Gers : 13 069.
  • 6. Hautes-Pyrenees: 12,651.
  • 7. Ariège: 12,172.
  • 8. Haute-Garonne: 11,778.
  • 9. Tarn-et-Garonne: 11,116.
  • 10. Pyrenees-Orientales: 10,812.
  • 11. Herault: 10,474.
  • 12. Hear: 10,441.
  • 13. Gard : 10 361.

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