Llibert Fortuny updates popular music at the Cobla Sound Festival


The saxophonist Llibert Fortuny presented a new interpretation of some of the typical songs of the orchestra orchestra with an electronic loudness tonight. The proposal arrived at the hands of the festival With Sound of Cobla that is celebrated in Palamós until Sunday. Fortuny was accompanied by four musicians who played various wind instruments metal and wood wind.

The concert started with him Ball of l'Àliga, but over the night they have also interpreted other popular topics such as Sixteen judges of a court o Chaneled, others. Fortuny emphasized that the objective of the concert was "people can recognize" the original songs and see "the creative process" that the Catalan musician has given.

The park of the Convent of Sant Agustí was the venue where Llibert Fortuny, accompanied by the band Electro Cobla Sound, presented the show, a production of the festival With Sound of Cobla.

In the face of today's Saturday, the festival will live another one of the most awaited nights with the Osonian obese concert. The group led by Arnau Tordera has arranged for the occasion some of its most well-known themes to be interpreted with the Cobla Berga Jove, giving them a very different sound from the original. The concert will start at 11 o'clock at the stage of the Paseo del Mar in Palamós.



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