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Lloret de Mar hosts the filming of the Netflix series The Innocent

Lloret de Mar hosts the filming of the new Netflix series, The innocent, which stars Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, José Coronado and Alexandra Jiménez. The series, which tells the story of a couple who have to redo their lives for the second time, has begun filming some scenes in private establishments in Lloret this week, and is set to return in early March, according to. the consistory.

During Wednesday’s shoot, actor José Coronado was seen in the town, a presence that aroused the interest of several fans, as they approached him to take photos. As reported by Nova Radio Lloret yesterday, the crew of the series recorded scenes on the seafront and in the interior of the local Orient Express.

The innocent, a co-production of Sospecha Films and Think Studio, is the adaptation of the eponymous novel by Harlan Coben and is directed by Oriol Paulo, responsible for, among others, films such as During the storm, Mishap, Julia’s eyes or The body. The script for it thriller has been in charge of Paulo himself with Jordi Vallejo and Guillem Clua.

It will have eight chapters and is set to release in the fall. The series tells the story of Mateo, who nine years ago intervened in a fight that ended badly. She is now an ex-convict and her partner, Olivia, is pregnant when she receives a shocking call that will ruin her life.

Twenty shootings in 2019

Since 2006 Lloret Turisme has been providing a service, the Lloret Film Office, a member of the Catalonia Film Commission that manages audiovisual productions in the municipality, offers free advice according to the demands of the producers and promotes the destination spaces between the locators.

In 2019, the Lloret Film Office managed twenty audiovisual productions, including the filming of scenes from the film. Paradise hills, directed by Alice Waddington and starring actresses Milla Jovovich and Emma Roberts, which was shot in Santa Clotilde Gardens and Sa Boadella Beach, or scenes from the movie Freedom, prima opera by Clara Roquet, co-screenwriter of 10,000 km, The days to come or Petra.


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