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To listen this week: Marianne Piketty weaves a link between Antonio Locatelli and Alex Nante; Frank Zappa revisited in big; from the new-age country folk and insomniac …

By Pierre Gervasoni, Sylvain Siclier and Franck Colombani Posted today at 16h08

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  • Locatelli – Nante

    Works by Pietro Antonio Locatelli and Alex Nante. The Ideal Concert, Marianne Piketty (Conductor Violin)
Cover of the album "Fil d'Ariane" by Marianne Piketty between Pietro Antonio Locatelli.
Cover of the album "Fil d'Ariane" by Marianne Piketty between Pietro Antonio Locatelli. Evidence Classics

It is not uncommon to see today's composers rubbing shoulders with the music of their distant elders by mirrored creations meant to establish a dialogue beyond centuries. More exceptional is the process of weaving an organic link (from a note, a gesture, an agreement) between the reference works and those they inspired. This is what happens in this fascinating journey caused by Marianne Piketty between Pietro Antonio Locatelli (major representative of the Italian violin school of the early XVIIIe century) and Alex Nante (Argentine born in 1992). Beginning or extending the scores of the virtuoso of yesteryear (mainly gigos concertos), each page of our young contemporary is a masterpiece of sensitive diffraction, as intelligently written as deeply felt. As proof, the transition from a jitter (baroque) to another (modern) at the heart of an album with stroboscopic lighting. At the head of her ensemble, the aptly named Concert Parfait, Marianne Piketty artfully lays the ball of violinistic threads in a labyrinth which, like us, she does not seem to want to leave. Pierre Gervasoni

1 CD Evidence Classics.

  • Franck Tortiller Orchestra
    Shut Up'n Sing Yer Zappa
Cover of the album "Shut Up 'n Sing Yer Zappa" by the Franck Tortiller orchestra.
Cover of the album "Shut Up 'n Sing Yer Zappa" by the Franck Tortiller orchestra. LABEL MCO

As an echo to the recent release of the recordings of the great ephemeral orchestra assembled by Frank Zappa at the end of December 1976 for a few concerts, the new album by vibraphonist Franck Tortiller is dedicated to the music of the American composer and guitarist, again in the form of a great formation (with winds and violin, instrument often summoned by Zappa). This Shut Up'n Sing Yer Zappa, as a nod to a series of Zappa recordings as a soloist on guitar, is a great success. Combines original parts development, Montana, Mother People / Igor's Boogie, Joe's Garage, dreamy ballad mix interspersed with quotes from other themes – including the arrangement for Zappa's winds on Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin – or Andy, with these infernal rhythmic swings and reinvented long-distance plays, Brown Shoes Do not Make It, Florentine Pogen. Accuracy of the interpretation, inventiveness in the recreation, everything here is at the height of its subject. Sylvain Siclier

1 CD Label MCO.

Cover of the album "Enderness" by A. A. Bondy.
Cover of the album "Enderness" by A. A. Bondy. FAT POSSUM / DIFFER-ANT

With his splendid third solo album, Believers (2011), Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist A.A. Bondy left a deep imprint on the tarmac of the alternative country-folk highway. Eight years separate this record from its successor, Enderness, the result of a long-term artistic questioning: his country has now turned new age and the folk guitar appears to absent subscribers. For the record, as soon as he had completed his fourth album that his house and his equipment were destroyed the next day by the great fire that devastated California in the summer of 2018. From there to think that a curse hovers over this Miraculous album is a step that we will not cross, but ghosts certainly inhabit it. Composed and recorded in autarky using analog synths and a rough battery, Enderness is an insomniac disc, conducive to abandonment or even isolation. A minimalist gothic pop cousin of Timber Timbre (for this voice with sweet melancholy), wrapped in an urban atmosphere, grime, with the hints of Suicide and The Idiot, of Iggy Pop. Singularly captivating. Franck Colombani

1 CD Fat Possum / Differ-ant.

Pierre Gervasoni , Sylvain Siclier and Franck Colombani

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