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Locating your iPhone in France allows you … to increase your autonomy

France, an emblematic country for its culture and its art of living thanks to one of the most prestigious cultural heritage in the world and a dynamic cultural life: festivals, theater, fashion, gastronomy. But for lovers of tech, France has no equal. A simple geolocation in France and here is a boost in the general performance of your smartphone.

As GizChina reports, simply changing the geographic region of your iPhone to France kicks the butt when it comes to interface speed and general application performance.

Petit flashback

Remember the 2017 iPhone battery degradation and slow performance scandal? The birth of the famous Batterygate. How can we forget that Apple got its hand in the bag and had to launch the battery swap program for free. Turns out this whole debacle provided an unexpected way to make iOS run faster on your iPhone.

Although Apple tried to remedy the situation with the iOS 10.2.1 update, smoothing out spikes in battery demand by dispersing them over several quick cycles. This involved limiting the power of the processor, which resulted in an 80% reduction in iPhone 6 downtime, as Apple reported at the time, but it also made it look like older iPhones were relatively slow.

Why this difference depending on the location?

The reason may be linked to the fact that in some countries, notably France, this scandal has grown more widespread than in others, such as China. France fined Apple heavily for what it saw as an unfair slowdown in older iPhones, while in China it simply had to lower the price of battery replacement.

Thus, by changing the region to France, Apple’s infamous “performance management” system would be disabled, which would have a positive effect on the performance of older iPhones. This is not just a subjective feeling, as users analyzed the results before and after the change of region in France and noticed that the numbers were higher “after”.

Perhaps these performance control optimizations are exactly the ones stuck in French models, which would explain the improvements in iPhone speed when you change country to France! You know what you have to do.

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