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Lockdown and far-reaching mandatory masks in the Czech Republic against corona | NOW

The Czech government announced a temporary lockdown on Wednesday to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Since Wednesday, a far-reaching obligation to mask masks also applies. In many cases, Czechs now have to wear a mouth mask outside the house. The Czech Republic is the European country that sees the number of positive tests increase the fastest.

Only supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies are allowed to open their doors from 6 a.m. on Thursday morning. Czechs are also only allowed to leave the house for necessary matters.

The residents of the Czech Republic are still allowed to travel to rural areas or walk in nature reserves. In doing so, they must minimize social contact. It is allowed to come together with a maximum of two people.

“The measures, although quite strong and heavy for the population, are absolutely necessary,” said Health Minister Roman Prymula, who announced the tightened measures on Tuesday.

In the Czech Republic, schools, cafes and restaurants were already closed. Wearing a mouth mask is also mandatory. The obligation applies not only indoors, but in many cases also outdoors. For example, wearing a face mask is mandatory in built-up areas in cities and municipalities and, for example, also when people from outside a family are riding in a car.

Significant increase in the number of positive tests, great pressure on hospitals

The number of positive tests in the Czech Republic rose by nearly 12,000 on Tuesday, the largest daily increase to date. The number of corona patients who die also shows a strong upward trend. Another 106 deaths from the virus were reported Tuesday.

As the virus continues to spread among the Czech population, hospitals in the country are coming under pressure. “The workforce is starting to run out,” said Prymula. The number of corona patients in hospitals increased to 4,417 on Tuesday. That is a fourfold increase compared to the beginning of October.

The new measures apply until at least 3 November and will be relaxed when the reproduction number (R) drops to 0.8. That would mean that each corona patient, on average, lights less than one other person. At the moment the R in the Czech Republic is 1.36.


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