LOH 2021 Tokyo | Jančařík plays with coach Plíšková and rolls in the Bundesliga. A turning point in a Czech player?

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He was still a native of Hodonín, a bit out of the Olympic atmosphere. “Suddenly I was in the Czech team among the stars and at the back, because we don’t have the medals yet. Now I will be a bigger smearer, “believes Jančařík, 34,.

Behind his stronger psyche are also a mental coach such as Karolína Plíšková and hockey coach Marian Jelínek. “I was not satisfied with my performances and I knew that he cooperates with world leaders. I gathered my courage and called him, “Jančařík recalls.

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The effect came very quickly this year. After the first session, he won the Olympic qualification in Qatar, then flashed to advance to the quarterfinals of the European Championships. “Self-confidence has risen, I’d like to transfer it to Tokyo,” he doesn’t hide.

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He did not underestimate anything in the preparation, he also ordered identical tables for training in Havířov, which will be played in Tokyo, after all, that was also Jelínek’s idea. “They are a little different. The ball otherwise stops, it has a slightly different bounce. Nothing to get used to, but in ping-pong, millimeters and every detail decide, “recalls a player with experience from the German Bundesliga.

Shortly before the Olympics, he changed his jersey, instead of Mühlhausen, he will play for Bad Homburg. “I’ll get better at playing. The coach has not built me ​​in Mühlhausen since the beginning of the season, I don’t know why, he had his three favorites, “he explained. Hana Matelová in France again.

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“One thing is the quality of the competition and I like the Bundesliga very much, I think it is the best in Europe. The other side is finances, in the Czech Republic you simply won’t get that much money, “says Jančařík, who surpasses his opponents by at least his 193 cm measuring figure.


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“I’m definitely one of the highest and I already take it as an advantage, but I had to do it and adapt the game. From an early age, I heard that tall doesn’t have an advantage because he has a large body center, but it always depends on how you set it up in your head, “he muses.


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