Lolita divorced her fifth husband: he immediately went to the police

In Moscow, a court on the divorce proceedings of the singer Lolita and her fifth husband, squash coach Dmitry Ivanov.

According to him, now the ex-wife, as well as her lawyer Sergei Zhorin, wanted to recognize the marriage as fictitious and deprive him of “Russian and Israeli citizenship.” The process lasted seven months.

But in the end, at the last meeting, lawyer Zhorin said that they renounce “all their demands and insist on a divorce,” but still consider this union fictitious.

“I was indignant:” If you think, prove it, “Ivanov said in court.

After that, the judge retired. When he returned, he decided to divorce. Thus, it is proved that it is not fictitious.

And now the coach promised serious problems for the singer. He wrote a statement to the police and asked for a “libel test,” according to KP.RU.

“Any person, despite the star status, should be responsible for their words,” he said.

According to Ivanov, “very serious charges” were brought against him. It was noted that he allegedly tried to poison Lolita, and also brought into the house “some dietary supplements, which also turned out to be drugs.” Then these dietary supplements “mysteriously disappeared at the last moment.”

Previously, Ivanov had already written a statement to Lolita. He demanded that the singer be held accountable for the disclosure of personal correspondence. While the police understand this matter.

The decision to break off relations with her ex-husband, as well as to erase all legal “traces” Lolita made, learning about the infidelity of her husband. The actress claimed that Ivanov allegedly secretly had a mistress for two years, and gave her gifts with his wife’s money. She also said that the missus led the love correspondence with another woman from a laptop, which she gave him. Ivanov himself rejected all the charges against him.

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