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As in so many aspects of life, haste is bad advice. Do not launch immediately to confirm the draft because it is very likely to contain "inaccuracies". According to data from the College of Administrative Managers of Galicia, more than 70% of the data collected by the Treasury present errors, or "they are simply incomplete», Which may end up causing taxpayers to pay more or be exposed to late payment penalties and interest that can be equivalent to 50% of the fine (the amount of them has different degrees depending on the damage caused to the Administration).

"Since the paper was removed, people see the draft on their cell phone or computer and tend to confirm it without further ado", warns the president of the School, Pilar Otero, who adds that it is necessary to be clear that, although the fiscal data are provided by the Tax Agency, «the last responsible is the citizen» Conclusion: eye what we signed.

And as is often the case, on the contrary, when a payment is made that exceeds our share, the Treasury will not normally notify this circumstance, "reason for more," the managers explain, "to look closely at the result of the statement they send us."

Most common errors

In which section should we look more? The most common errors or inaccuracies usually occur in the consignment of personal and family data, such as dependent children or marital status. «Do not indicate that you are a large family-says Otero-can make us lose up to five hundred euros»

Another 1,200 euros can evaporate if we do not request in advance the deduction for maternity. "A lot is happening," they warn.

In addition, the Association of Managers denounces that the section ofdeductions for disabilityit is not arriving "sufficiently purified". In Galicia, the amounts of deduction for large families are doubled when one of the spouses or descendants to whom the minimum family is applicable has a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%, and is set at 500 or 800 euros according to the category of large family. When it comes to large families with people with disabilities who do not reach that degree, then the deduction will be 250 euros in the general category, and 400 if it is special. Taxpayers with 65 or more years who have a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65% and who need help from third parties, can deduct 10% of the payments, with a limit of 600 euros.

More deductions

At the time of taxation, it is necessary to take into account whatcan also be deducted for union dues, pension plans, mortgage for purchase of usual residence or rent. And be attentive to the autonomic deductions, with many specificities. This year, for example, "the areas affected by the October 2017 wildfire wave or by the Tui explosion" are included. Nor should we forget that there is a15% deduction for the rehabilitation of buildings in historic centers, with a limit of 9,000 euros; and another 20%, and up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, for theacquisition of social capital of agricultural companies,agrarian or land exploitation cooperatives.


In line with what was expressed by the Tax Agency itself this week, when the half year of the Income campaign is completed, the managers ensure that taxpayers come this year before reporting to the Treasury. «The one who came in May, now comes in April. I think that since there is only electronic support, people have more doubts. He does not see it as clear, "says Otero.

Campaign in social networks

To warn of these risks, the College of Administrative Managers of Galicia will launch this week an information campaign on social networks with which aims to raise awareness among taxpayers of the importance of going to professionals to avoid mistakes with the Income. According to the School,90% of Galicians are placed in the hands of an expert. The announcements, in the form of humorous vignettes, will be posted on the online channels of the School itself, and on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. The campaign joins another recently initiated with the slogan GA Therapy, "to try to solve all the evils of taxpayers", although they recognize that it is "a tax for which it is difficult to make a generic recipe, since the casuistry It is very large ».

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